Blinded Faith

You have no eyes

You do not see

You do not question

The Holy Entity

You say it is faith

I say it is delusion

You say it is belief

I say it's your illusion

Your belief system is flawed

Discriminatory and outdated

Your religion is self-serving

Your restoration is belated

You are so naïve

You say we are not destroying the earth

You believe it is the will of God

He is your life's worth

You are so ignorant

You are blind, deaf and dumb

You are so simple minded

In more ways than one

God does not control us

He gave us the freedom to choose

And so all you fanatics

I've got news

We are destroying the earth

This is not your God's way

Your God condemns injustice

Look at the world today!

It is unjust

Discriminatory and unfair

The world is corrupt

I often wonder if you care

You all keep living your lives

Going to church and saying your prayers

Saying grace before meals

And religiously performing your simple wares

You are zealots

Are you that insane?

Don't you understand

Pollution and acid rain

What about poverty

The homeless and the poor

Famine and racism

Murder, rape and war

What do you have to say

About those

I suppose they were occurrences

Your God chose?

Who was it

That committed these acts?

It was human beings

Parasitic facts

One day

You're in for a big surprise

When you will finally see

Through your blinded eyes

When the virus of humanity

Completes it's suicide

Then you will realise

How long ago we died

You deceive yourselves

Beneath your world of cheap mortar

Through your blinded faith

You can see no slaughter