I Believe In A Different Way

You wonder why the world is the way it is

But you believe you must be right

You cannot see another's view

And this is why you fight

You say to see the grey

But the grey you can't conceive

You say they were wrong

But that is just what you believe

You cannot waver from your views

You're just as bad as bin Laden

But you believe that you are right

And so the Lord will beg your pardon

I believe that you are very wrong

And that your fanaticism causes war

Of what truly is right and wrong

I cannot be sure

I believe I do not have the power

To say I must be right

I accept that you think differently

You cannot and so we fight

I believe in a God

I don't need a priest telling me how

I don't believe in humanity

Look at the state it's in now

I don't believe in people

Especially not people like you

You demand my respect

But I don't like anything you do

I don't believe in love

Because it always falls apart

You always end up alone

With a broken heart

I don't believe in marriage

Because it ends in divorce

All marriages will be tested

In due course

I don't believe in family

Because mine torments me

Family ties you down

Won't let you be free

I don't believe in life

Because in the end you die

And everyone forgets

No matter how hard you try

I don't believe in fame

Because it's just an illusion

Money doesn't bring happiness

It's one big delusion

I don't believe in religion

I don't believe in denomination

I don't believe in the politics

I don't believe in the congregation

I believe in death

It is the only certainty

At the end of a life of pain

Comes the answer to the plea

I believe in God

I believe the Pope is gay

I believe you think I'm wrong

I believe in a different way

Author's Notes: My parents got angry at me when I said I didn't want my religion to be Catholic on the school database. I believe in God, I just don't believe in the priests that are molesting children or the Islamic fanatics flying planes into buildings, or the Jews killing the Palestinians.