Cutting Edge

Cold and hard

Seduced by a blade

Heart of ice

A will decayed

Soul of ardour

Tempestuous fire

Libertine spirit

A fiery desire

A bitter emptiness

Beneath frosted skin

A dark spectre

Trapped within

How to

Rid its curse over me

Carve it out

Set it free

A passionate rose

Stained with blood

The only pleasure

This merciless flood

They say I have no soul

It is long ago dead

They say I have no heart

My heart long ago bled

They say I have no feeling

Because they cannot perceive

My emotional complex

Or the fruits I conceive

They say I am angry

They do not ask why

They say I am cold

Because I do not cry

They say I'm inhuman

Because I cannot love

They say I drink

The bloodied tears of a dove

Their lies are imprisoning

An unbalanced hedge

And so I shun then

With the cutting edge