History Happens Everyday: The Balinese

The headlines:

"Terror Hit's Home"

"Nightmare Holiday"

"Terror In Paradise"

"The Night Terror Came Out To Party"

The reality:

Isn't it strange?

Isn't it ironic?

Isn't it typical?

Isn't it sardonic?

Don't compare it with 9/11

That's bullshit

The reality:

20 000 dead in 2 years

Did we even know?

Dry your tears

I don't think so

Just so you are aware

Innocents have died before

The reality:

Please make a mental note

The terrorists have won

Their goal was to terrorise

A country "unites" as "one"

You're all so fake

Get real!

The reality:

Thankyou to the US

For saying we now understand

What you felt on September 11

Ha, you sink in quicksand

But you struggle

The only problem with bin Laden

Was that he didn't succeed

And that sniper of yours

He keeps missing Bush

The reality:

All those who believe

It was a world changer

It shouldn't change anything

We've seen the real danger

The reality: the West needs to get in touch with it

If it had happened

In another archipelago

And slain Indonesians

We wouldn't even know

Get over it

(How many archaeologists uncover evidence of terrorism?)

It was an event that shaped history

How many times do I have to say

History we remember happens everyday