Hello people. I shouldn't be posting this, but oh well. I started writing this in my uJournal and I kinda liked, so I thought you people might. Enjoy.

Love you all platonically.

And now the story…


I startle awake as the sound of persistent banging fills the supposedly empty house.

"Eric?" I whisper urgently, shaking the slumbering figure beside me. "Eric, wake up. There's someone at the door."

"leave me alone," he mumbles, half asleep. He rolls over onto his side, his back to me.

The banging gets louder and closer, as if the person at the door is now in the house.

"Eric!" I whisper fiercely, shaking my friend harder. "There's someone in the house. Eric!"

"What?" he snaps, sitting up wearily.

"There's someone in the house," I reply, staring at my friend wide-eyed.

"I don't..." he trails off as he finally registers the sounds echoing throughout the house. "What the hell is that?" he asks, irritated, as he throws off the covers and climbs out of the bed.

"Where are you going?" I ask fearfully, clutching the blanket to my chest.

"I'm going to see who the hell is making all that noise," he replies angrily, pulling on his shoes.

"No don't!" I say urgently, climbing out of the bad quickly. "It's too dangerous."

"Davis, man, calm down. It's probably just some neighborhood kids fucking around," he replies, walking to the door. "I'll be right back."

He's out the door before I can say anything. I quickly climb back into the bed and pull the covers up to my chin, desperately hoping my friend is correct and that he will be right back.

A horrified scream echoes throughout the house, reverberating in my skull, and causing my heart to pound wildly.


Jumping out of bed, I frantically scramble for the bedroom door.

"Eric!" I scream again, stumbling out into the hall. "Eric!"

The house is silent except for my panicked footsteps. Reaching the stairs. I stumble down them, almost breaking my neck in the process.


Silence. Rushing into the living room, I look around frantically for any sign of my friend. Spotting a dark object by the couch, I walk over cautiously, not wanting to stumble in the darkened house. Turning on the end table lamp, I suck in a shocked breath as I realize the dark object is a foot.

"Eric?" I whisper, scared of what I might find.

I peer cautiously around the couch, my heart pounding, and breath held in my chest. A terrified sob escapes my lips as I take in the sight of my bloody friend. Falling to my knees, I reach out a trembling hand to search for any sign of life. He's not breathing and I can find no pulse. Sobbing, I wipe my now bloody hands compulsively on anything near.

Some long buried instinct alerts me to the fact that there is another living creature in the room with me, and that he or she is standing right behind me. I turn slowly, in some desperate hope that it's one of my friends and that this is all a joke. The first thing I notice is a pair of raggedy tennis shoes and dirty black jeans. Letting my gaze wander upward, I see a hip length buttoned coat, gloved hands, and a bloody knife. My eyes instantly go to the strangers face, allowing me to see soulless blue eyes set in an angelic face with a sneering smile.

"Please," I beg quietly. I don't know if I'm asking him to spare me or to make it quick.

His smile gets wider and he raises the knife. I can't move because of the paralyzing fear that has seized my mind.

The last thing I see before darkness overtakes me is the long knife entering my chest.


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