Fallen Angel

The city loomed in front of me. It's tall skyscrapers illuminated by the full moon and the lights streaming out of the windows. The usual noise of a city, beeping horns, shouts, roar of cars, and squeals of brakes and tires as people barely missed hitting each other. Or in some cases, did hit each other.

It was the peak of civilization. It was vast and majestic. It was crowded and noisy. It was busy and active. And unknown to the citizens, it was a hunting ground.

One thing that humans don't know, one fact that is not recorded in their history. In a parallel dimension there was a group of men. Simple men in that dimension, not more powerful, or less than those around them. They decided they wanted to make a try for power. And they got it. They gathered up all the power they could. They challenged the thrown of that world. And the ruler had no choice. Killing, no matter how evil the man, was forbidden, so he had no choice but to exile the entire group from their world.

They could choose any world they wanted, as long as it was completely out of the next dimension. They choose Earth.

In their own universe, they are not more powerful than those around them. But in this universe they are very powerful. They are demons. For years they have amused themselves by tormenting humans. Corrupting the evil in their hearts to their own ends. Slowly the demons are gathering strength. Hoping to be able to return to their world by force.

While this story is unrecorded in human history. It is recorded in ours. I am part of an ancient order of demon slayers. We are dedicated to the extermination of evil in all it's forms. We have hunted long and hard. My travels have led me to this city. This pillar of human corruption. It is in these tightly packed cities that the evil is strongest. The evil in peoples hearts is most clearly shown here. So it is in these cities that the demons lurk.

I walked through back alleys and streets. I fit right in with the local populace. I wore a long black trench coat that covered my features. Jet black hair topped a face that was shrouded in shadow.

I could tell something was close. I could feel it. I could sense it's presence. It wasn't a demon. It was a minion of some kind. I would find this minion, and hopefully he would lead me to his master. Then I would slay them both.

I heard a muffled scream from ahead of me in the alley. I walked forward, unconcerned. I could no longer help the person who screamed. Not much would effect the cool calmness that I always had. I never got worked up or over excited about anything. A demon slayer that got excited, was a demon slayer that was already dead.

A figure loomed in front of me. Hunched over on the ground. A dark shape was next to him. He sensed my presence, and leapt to his feet. He was tall and wiry looking. He wore a long black jacket that billowed behind him like a cape. Long black hair surrounded an incredibly pale face. He extended a hand, with bloody claws, more blood dripping from his fangs.

"You chose the wrong time for a stroll human." He hissed, his voice was like a cold hand on the back of your neck. "Now your fate, will be her's. Go ahead and run human, it makes things so much more fun."

"I'm not going any where, vampire." I said calmly.

"Ah, an educated human, this will be so much better than I thought."

"You vampires are all the same. You all have dreams of killing off humans, but you always forget that you need them to survive. With out humans, you would all die of thirst."

"Who ever said we wanted to kill humans off. We want to conquer and rule the humans, not kill them off. Make humans skulk and hide in back alleys, starving themselves so as not to draw so much attention on themselves. That is all we want, to pay back the favor you puny humans have done us. A far superior race."

"Damn, all this talking is getting me bored. What do you say we cut to the chase, and get down to business?" I said.

"You are anxious to die, then?"

"What ever you say." I replied coolly as the vampire hunched down, ready to spring.

He roared as he launched himself at me. I just stood there solid as a rock as he flew at me, claws and fangs outstretched. I stepped to the side at the last second, and he flew by me. He caught himself, and stopped. He spun around to face me again, I simply turned slowly.

"You are a fast one human, but it will take more than that to save you." He hissed, crouching down again.

"How about this?" I asked, drawing from under my coat, my sword. A one meter long samurai sword with a double handed grip.

"A sword, how lovely. You must be smart enough to know that a vampire cannot die on any normal sword. Pitiful human, your time is up!" He roared again as he came at me. I swung the blade faster then the eye could see, but he was faster. He grabbed my arm, and spun me around, flinging me backwards into a wall. The wall cracked under the impact. I fell to my knees, gasping for breath. Then I slowly stood up. The vampire stood before me, examining the edge of my sword with one of his dirty claws.

"Impressive, it seems to have some silver in it. I can smell it now. Too bad you won't get to use it!" He screamed as he flung my own sword at me. Still winded from getting thrown into the wall I couldn't dodge in time. The sword stabbed into my chest, and came out my back. I screamed in agony. It was like pressing two white hot plates through my skin.

I doubled over, and fell to my knees. The vampire relaxed his guard, moving towards me. Suddenly I leapt to my feet again. He drew back in shock. I looked down at the sword, still embedded in my chest.

"Look at that, I guess I'm not as human as you thought." I said as I drew the blade out. I looked at the dark blood staining the blade. "I guess that's what demon blood does to you."

"So you have demon blood, that makes this so much better. If I were to drink a demons blood, even the tiny amount that pulses through your pitiful veins I would become the most powerful vampire in the world." The vampire wondered aloud.

"Yea but you have to drink the blood first." I said. "And that is not as easy as you would think!" I said louder. "Blood of the Fallen!" I screamed, swinging the sword. With the casting of the spell, the dark blood glowed bright red. It flowed forward, surging into a red band of magical energy. The band wrapped around the vampires waist. The band of energy was still connected to the sword. I whipped the band around, slamming the vampire first into one wall, then another, then finally through a wooden fence.

The spell vanished, and the vampire landed among the splinters of the fence. My sword was now completely clean of blood. I particularly liked that spell. It worked with the blood of any fallen creature, which meant any undead, or evil creature. Even partially evil, like me.

The vampire got to his feet shakily. He wasn't so confident now.

"You know the forbidden art of magic!" He said.

"Noticed that didn't you." I replied coolly.

"How can some mix blood like you know the forbidden arts?" He asked, getting very panicked now.

"Because I am no mere mixed blood, I am half demon."

"It can't be!" He screamed.

"Oh it most certainly can!" I yelled running at him.

He leapt up, and took flight. A most annoying ability of vampires. The ability to fly. And no they don't turn into bats. That's the kiddy myth. Somehow they can channel their energies and fly. Don't ask me how, I'm not a vampire or an expert on their anatomy. I'm an expert on killing them.

"Oh no you don't!" I screamed. I leapt high into the air, hit one building, kicked off, and leapt across the alley to the building across the way. I kicked off of that, and that brought me up to the level of the vampire. I grabbed his ankle, swung him around, and sent him plummeting to the ground.

I sailed down towards him, my sword clutched in a double handed grip, my coat billowing behind me. I rammed the sword strait through his chest, purposely missing his heart by inches. The sharp blade pierced a few inches into the concrete floor of the dirty alley.

The silver in the sword burned into his skin, and he screamed in agony as I rotated and worked the blade around in his wound. He was paralyzed by pain. The silver would have killed him if it had pierced his heart. But since I missed all it did was hurt, a lot.

"Tell me, where your master is!" I hissed over his screams. He remained defiant. I twisted the blade even harder. "Tell me!" I yelled again.

"Never!" He screamed back.

"Tell me, and this will all end." I yelled once more.

"NEVER!" He repeated. In a last ditch effort he plunged his claws strait into my chest, groping for my heart. His hand found it, and he squeezed. My whole body reacted. It was like an iron vise had grabbed my heart. I retched, and was thrown backwards. My sword came out of his chest, and I landed on my back, panting hard. I was half demon, so killing me was incredibly hard, but that didn't mean I couldn't die.

Fortunately for me the vampire was a winded by my sword passing so close to his heart. He didn't follow up on his attack right away. I leapt to my feet at the same time he did.

His face had a pained look on it, and his break came in rasps. Vampires don't need to breath to live, but they do need to breath to talk.

We both ran at each other. He swung his claws at me, hoping to reach into the wound he already inflicted. In a flash I reached to my belt, and grabbed a crossbow hidden under my coat. Without hesitation I fired the arrow right at him. He took it in the hand, and the arrow trapped his hand into the wood of the fence behind him.

He reached over in an attempt to remove the arrow. I lashed out with my sword, and removed his other hand. His dark blood spewed from the wound. I reloaded the crossbow, and nailed his other arm to the fence.

"Where is your master?" I demanded. All he did was snarl at me. I slashed him across the chest with my sword. He howled in pain as the silver blade burned his flesh. "Tell me or I will cut you apart, piece by piece." He growled, and furiously tried to pull the arrows out from the wall. I slashed a deep gash in each of his legs. "Now do you want to talk?" His only answer was to vainly try and kick me.

I walked over to the section of fence I had thrown him through. I grabbed a piece of the wooden post, and with four cuts of my sword sharpened it into a blunt, but still distinguishable point.

"Now?" I asked. He didn't answer. I put the stake over his heart and began to push it through his flesh. He howled with agony, and struggled, but it was useless.

"Okay, okay!" He screamed. I pulled the stake out.

"The name and where he hides, now, or I will leave you here for the sun."

"He is known as Dam..." He started, but he was cut off as a sliver bullet embedded itself in his heart. He went limp. He was dead.

I spun around, looking for the assassin. However I didn't have to look far. He stood atop a nearby building, the full moon behind him. He was a tall and slim, resembling a human. He wore a black cloak that billowed behind him in the wind that had come up suddenly. His features were hidden by the hood of the cloak. In one hand he held a tall and viscous looking scythe, with a wicked curved blade that glinted in the moonlight. The other hand held a still smoking pistol, still aimed at the form of the vampire. However I didn't need the vampire to tell me the name of his master. I knew him. His name was Damion. Weather that was his true name is not known. But that is what he is know as in this world.

"Vincent, it has been a long time." He said to me. His voice was like ice water flowing through my body.

"Too long." I replied simply.

"You disappoint me. If you were looking for me, you could have asked. You didn't have to torture that innocent vampire over there."

"He is hardly innocent. And I was asking."

"Vince, Vince, Vince, what ever am I going to do with you? You are getting to be so much of a problem."

"For starters you can tell me where the rest or you demon scum are hiding so I can eradicate all of you in one fell swoop."

"You should show more respect to your heritage. What would you be with out that demon blood flowing through your veins. A worthless human. I suppose now your even worse, your a worthless half breed. Not accepted by either race, human or demon."

"Just because I use my abilities, doesn't mean I have to like where they come from."

"You always were a troublesome child."

"And who would know that more than you?"

"Your whore of a mother would."

"Shut your mouth!" I screamed. I leapt at him, the rage in my heart coming strait from the demon part of me. He leapt at me, the pistol vanishing and he took hold of the scythe in a double handed grip.

We met in mid air, and the two silver shod weapons met with explosive force. I used my built up momentum to flip over him, and slash at his back. He didn't turn, or, dodge, he simply was suddenly facing my way. He caught my slash on the haft of the scythe. He held up his hand, and a blast of energy surged out of it, striking my shoulder. I was flung backwards. I crashed through a wall, and landed in an empty warehouse.

I exploded out of the warehouse, my rage taking over what sense I had. Damion and I had a history. He killed my mother.

I flew toward where he hovered in mid air, my powerful legs had thrown me up into the air high and fast.

In his hand he summoned a whip made of bones. He lashed it out at me. It struck me in the face, cutting a deep gash and knocking me backwards to the ground. I cracked the cement, and my sword clattered from my grip.

I crawled towards my sword. All strength was leaving me. He descended on me, his cloak blowing out behind him. He rammed the bottom of the shaft of the scythe, which came to a very sharp point, right through my stomach, and into the ground below me. The silver in the weapon burned my skin, causing me to scream in agony.

Breaking through the fog that clouded my vision because of the intense pain, I reached out and managed to get my finger on the hilt of my sword. However, Damion kicked it away from my grasp. He then whipped the bone whip onto the hilt, and pulled the sword to his hand. He then plunged it into my shoulder. I screamed in agony all over again as the silver in my sword burned my skin. Fog clouded my eyes like never before. I was beginning to fall away from this world, and into the fiery pits below. I could feel it, as the silver contaminated the demon blood within me.

Images passed in front of my eyes. Images of my mother, her beautiful face standing before me. Images of my father. The bastard that he was. A rage at the thought of my father filled me. That rage gave me strength. I spun my arm around so I could grab the sword imbedded in my shoulder. I pulled it out, and even though I was pinned to the ground lying face down, I swung it at Damion's arm still clutching the scythe. My arm gave a loud pop, but I accomplished what I wanted. His hand vanished from the scythe as he moved backward, so fast he was just a blur. Pushing off with my arms and legs I vaulted my self up, pulling the scythe from the ground.

I faced him once again, as I pulled the scythe from my back. I looked at it, then tossed it aside. It vanished in a puff of smoke.

"You surprise me. I thought you would give up."

"As long as there is evil in the world, my work will never be finished." I replied.

"I assume you include yourself in that statement." He said.

"For now I'll settle with disposing of the likes of you!" I screamed. I dipped my fist into the wound in my shoulder, covering it with my own blood. "Blood of the fallen!" I screamed. Once again the blood surged outward into a deep red band. I whipped it forward, aiming to separate his head from his body. He lashed out with the whip of bone, catching mine on it. The two bands tangled together, and we both pulled on them, trying to pull it out of the other's hand. Since mine was anchored onto my hand, his gave way. The whip also vanishing in a puff of smoke.

I reared my hand back, and lashed out with the red band once again. He held up his arm, and blocked the blow, the band wrapping around his arm.

"You'll never learn will you?" He said coolly. He began to spin around very fast, winding the band up around his body. Because the band was still attached to my hand, I was pulled toward him violently, my shoulder popping out of the socket. When I got close to him, his swinging fist connected with my face. I was flung backwards as the spell shattered.

I landed on the ground hard, but managed to hold onto my sword. I climbed steadily to my feet. I was getting weak from the loss of blood. I was panting hard, and my vision was clouding.

"Stupid half breed. I don't know where you got the idea that you could last in a fight against me. I could have killed you along time ago, but I decided to toy with you instead." Damion taunted.

"If you can kill me, get it over with." I replied simply.

"Very well then." He replied. A silver pistol appeared in his hand. He aimed it right at my heart. "You have been a thorn in my side for way too long. If I had know you would become this annoying, I never would have done it."

"Too late for that, and I promise you that you will die by my hands." I replied.

"Oh, I doubt that." He said, as he pulled the trigger, sending a silver bullet strait towards my heart.

"STORM OF BLADES!" I screamed, spinning around. Instantly, I began spinning so fast a whirlwind appeared around me. The force of the wind reversed the direction of the bullet. Then many swords erupted from the center of the whirlwind and began to fly strait and true towards Damion.

With a roar that was pure demonic in nature, he held his hands up, and massive waves of energy erupted from him, stopping the swords in their tracks, and hurling them aside like toys. However, he forgot about the silver bullet that I had redirected. It tore through his stomach, the sliver burning him all the way through. He lost his concentration and I had one opportunity to strike while his guard was down.

I flung my sword right at him. He managed to step aside, so it did not pierce his heart, but he could not pull his arm away in time. The sharp blade passed through his arm easily, and severed it at the elbow. He roared once again.

"We shall meet again, and I promise, just as it was I who brought you into this world, I shall banish you to the burning hells with your whore of a mother!" With that said, he vanished in a flash of light, and puff of smoke.

I slumped to the ground. All my strength had left me. Such a powerful spell was incredibly draining, and I was wounded. My wounds would heal. They only caused me discomfort. I could not die unless pierced through the heart with something, or if my heart was removed. Other than that I would live, and the wounds would heal by mourning.

What he said as he vanished, about him brining me into the world. That was true. If it wasn't for him I would not exist. For the demon blood that ran through my veins came from him. He was my father.