I walked through the deserted city streets. Darkness hung over the area like an impenetrable shroud. I wore my usual long, dark trench coat to hide my weapons. I did not bother to even watch where I was going. My feet knew the way.

Snow had begun to fall from the sky. It was the first snowfall of the year. It drifted slowly down in lazy flakes at first. Some stuck to my jacket before melting from the heat of my body. I resisted the urge to shiver.

I made it to my destination. It was a large church. It loomed over me, suddenly appearing out of the darkness. Candles on the inside gave the falling snowflakes orange, red, and yellow hues as the light came out of the large stained glass window that was located above the huge double doors.

I walked up the large set of steps, and pushed the doors open. I walked into the dark recesses of the church. Immediately in front of me was an avenue through the sea of pews, for the church was quite large.

I began to walk slowly forward, not even bothering to look to the sides. Not caring that I could sense so much evil in this place that I couldn't even count the beings.

"Everything that has transpired in this world had it's beginnings right at this very spot." Spoke Damion, his voice echoing greatly in the high ceiling of the church. I saw him standing at the back of the church, right in front of the altar. I walked towards him without hesitation.

"It was here that demons first stepped onto this world. This spot has forever been a shrine for demons. A group of people, affectionately called druids worshipped us, and built the first shrine. They were eventually hunted down, and the shrine forgotten. Soon after this church was built. It has been destroyed several times over the years, but it was always rebuilt, didn't matter that it was by different people. It was still a shrine to demons.

"It was here in this very room that you, the bane of my existence, were conceived. It was on the steps of this church that I slew your mother and could not touch you."

"And it will be here, in this church, that this whole ordeal ends." I finished for him.

"Yes one way or another, this will end here." He said.

"Why don't you call out your little lieutenants, I know they're hiding in the pews." I said.

"You don't think I'm going to face you alone?" He asked.

"Not for a minute." I replied.

"You always were a smart boy." He said. His minions got up from where they lay hiding in the pews. There were demons, mix bloods, and vampires. Too many for me to count quickly.

"Only if you survive this fight will you be worthy to challenge me." Damion said.

"Let's start right now!" I roared, grabbing Father Rodrigues' shotgun from where it was strapped to my leg, hidden by my coat. Before I even brought it up I fired right at Damion. His body blurred as he disappeared backwards through the door behind the altar.

With a roar a vampire leapt at me, excited to be the first one into battle. I leveled the shotgun at him, and pumped my remaining silver shotgun blast right into his chest.

I dropped the shotgun, and drew dual pistols, loaded with silver bullets. I crossed my arms and began pumping round after round into the ranks of minions, focusing on the vampires and mix bloods. No less than fifteen of them fell down dead, their hearts pierced by silver bullets.

I emptied my first set of pistols, dropped them, and drew two more. With all the slayers dead, I took all the pistols and silver bullets with me.

The minions used the short lapse in my firing to cross the ground towards me. Two big vampires flew strait towards me. I turned to face them, and began pumping rounds into their chests. They died after about four rounds each, but their momentum carried them forward. I stepped to the side and allowed them to pass by.

Now the chaos of the battle beginning had worn off. The minions rushed at me from all sides, hoping to overwhelm me. I dropped the pistols, and quick as a flash drew my sword. I held the sword out, and spun around once, slashing all the minions in range. They roared in pain at the silver blade.

I leapt high into the air as they continued to converge on me.

"Deadly fangs!" I screamed, slashing my hands downward. The blades descended and ripped into the crowd of minions, rending their flesh.

My momentum spent, I began to descend. I reversed my blade so it was pointing downward, and began my descent.

"Fire of the ages!" I screamed, igniting my blade. I stabbed it deep into the ground below me. I pumped energy through the blade and into the ground. Fire erupted from the blade, going out in a circle. All the minions close to me were knocked backwards in a large wave of fire and scattering pews. Other's farther away were able to leap over the wall of fire.

They came towards me. I withdrew my sword from the ground and leapt into the air. I flew strait toward a group of three vampires. I slashed right, then left, then right again, severing their torso's from their legs.

I landed, then leapt into the air again, spinning around so I could face the minions I had passed with my first jump.

"Fallen Angel!" I screamed, sending the blood red apparition out. Everything it touched, even if a wing tip just brushed it, vanished from sight. Three mix bloods, and one vampire were killed in that way.

A vampire leapt at me from behind, his fangs reaching out for my neck. I spun around, pointing my sword towards him. His momentum caused him to impale himself on my sword.

"Fire of the ages!" I screamed. My sword burst into flames, and the vampire was thrown from it, a flaming missile that took down two mix bloods and a blood born. Her body began to harden as the writhing vampire spread the flames toward her.

"Deadly Fangs!" I screamed, sending the blades to sever two vampires and the blood born. Her body would harden quicker if it was separated in that way.

With an almighty roar the last standing vampire flew at me. Without hesitation I hurled my sword forward, piercing his heart and knocking him backwards. I then held my hand up, and my sword returned to my hand.

I had slain or disabled all the lessor minions. However the battle was far from over. The true demons, who held back before, now flocked towards me. There were eleven of them, and only one of me.

Lady Iloren leapt high into the air, her whip arched backwards. Two other demons, whose names I did not know rushed at me from either side. One held a Scottish claymore, and the other a flail. Their physical features weren't worth remembering.

Iloren cracked her whip downward, splitting the ground where I was, just seconds before I leapt backwards. As I landed from my jump, my feet slid backwards for a few feet on the smooth wood of the church floor, it was slick with spilt blood.

Recovering from the slide, I sprinted forward, towards the demon holding the claymore. As I came up to him, he swung his sword, attempting to take my head from my body. I ducked under the attack and slammed my shoulder into his chest, knocking him over.

I raised my sword above my head, ready to plunge it through his heart. The flail suddenly struck my shoulder, knocking me aside. I flew through the air, and landed in a pile of scattered pews, breaking them into splinters.

I stood up with such violent force that the remaining pews went flying away from me in shattered heaps.

As I stood there, reveling in my display of power, I was triple teamed. Iloren and the flail guy leapt forward, and sent their weapons flying towards me. I batted them aside at the same time, using opposite arms. While I was occupied with them, the claymore guy ran in and buried his sword in my chest. Only by twisting away at the last second was the wound not fatal for me.

I lashed out with my foot, kicking him backwards. His sword was still embedded in my chest, I ignored it. Other demons I had never seen before were rushing at me. The poked and prodded, lashed and stabbed me with countless weapons. I couldn't even begin to catalog all of them.

Getting tired of getting stabbed, I threw up my hands in disgust. "IRON MAIDEN!" I screamed. The liquid metal flowed over my body. The claymore still embedded in my chest snapped in half, both halves clattering to the floor.

I lashed out with my cudgel, catching a demon in the chin. He flew backwards, sliding along the ground. I began to swing my cudgel wildly around, but I was too slow. The nimble demons danced away from my weapon. They darted in, stabbing at me. I was happy to see their dismayed looks as their weapons bounced off my solid body. However I would need to actually hit them if this fight were to end.

Finally getting coordinated, all eight of the lessor demons rushed at me at the same moment. Their combined force was enough to knock me to the ground. They pinned my legs and arms down, and others began to beat on my body and face. I couldn't even feel their attacks, but I knew I could not withhold that kind of punishment forever.

I gathered energy in the form of pure rage. With a mighty roar I unleashed it upon the demons. All eight of them were thrown back from me with explosive force. Not many showed signs of getting up right away.

Iloren dashed in as I dispelled the iron maiden spell. She lashed out with her whip, I leapt over it, moving in towards her. With her off hand she drew from the small of her back a long knife, which was actually a small samurai sword. She used that to block my slash. We both pushed off, and flew away from each other.

I landed further back, and raced at her again. She landed and raced at me. She leapt into the air and lashed out with her whip. I caught the blow on my arm, the whip coiling around my arm. She pulled it tight, attempting to crack it, and rip me off my feet. When she pulled it tight, I stopped suddenly, and jerked my arm backwards, pulling her out of the air, and towards my awaiting blade. There was no way she could stop herself. The force cause her to impale herself on my blade. However I missed her heart, and the stomach wound was non fatal. It would hurt her, but not kill her. Something I planned to correct.

However, suddenly stars exploded in my vision. A demon carrying a huge spiked club had hit a home run, with my head being the ball. I flew through the air, and landed hard on the ground, bouncing several times.

My anger began to rise. My chance at revenge was being thwarted by these lessor demons. Damion was hiding behind his minions, and not facing me himself. It's not fair. It's not fair. "IT'S NOT FAIR!" I bellowed the last words.

I leapt to my feet, and my pure rage took over. The demons were surrounding me, moving their weapons threateningly towards me.

I gave a mighty roar that was pure demon in nature, and rushed right at the one with the club. I ran faster than I ever have before. He raised the club to try and block. I slashed low, separating his legs from his body, then I removed his head, and plunged my sword through his heart in one continuous movement.

I barely remember what happened next. I was blinded by my own rage. All that I remember happening is that I charged down each demon in turn, killing them quickly, until only Iloren remained.

She leapt high into the air, and lashed out with her whip, the cord lengthening far longer than normal from her magic. I held up my arm, and blocked it, the cord cutting into my skin, and the metal tips raking lines across my face. I didn't care. With a mighty jerk, I pulled her out of the air, and down towards me.

I leapt off the ground with blinding speed. I brought my sword into line with her heart in a double handed grip. She screamed as she realized she couldn't avoid me. I roared in pure rage, and my sword passed effortlessly through her body.

We both continued on, and landed at the same time. There was a gaping hole where her heart was, but she was made of stronger stuff. She wouldn't die right away.

"Worthless half breed." She managed to gasp out, as she fell to her knees. "What do you think your going to accomplish?" Then she fell face down, and was never to move again.

Ominous applause echoed through the now empty church. Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap. The notes rang out, slowly reverberating across the walls. They sounded like a death knoll in the silent halls of the deserted room.

Then he was suddenly there. No flash of light, no smoke, nothing for show like that. He was suddenly standing before the altar like before, this time his gleaming scythe clutched in a one handed grip, resting against the ground.

"I never should have doubted you. What else could I expect from my only son?" Damion asked, his voice also echoing across the vast expanse of the church.

"Do not address me so." I said back quietly. My rage had subsided, and I spoke in a quite voice. "My one true father is dead, murdered by you. You are no more father to me than you were lover to my mother."

"It is pointless to resist. I have toyed with you, and I'll admit you have surprised me, but think of it. I am the king of the demons, and while you are my son, your human side will always make you weak. You have no chance of defeating me."

"I have every chance in the world."

"I'm not even going to waste my breath asking to join me in ruling this world. I wouldn't want to be soiled by your human blood."

"So you can go to bed with a human woman, but you don't want to be in the presence of a half demon." I didn't even bother to form that into a question.

"This ends here! Tonight!" Damion screamed, brining his scythe up, throwing back his cape. An unseen wind began to blow, throwing both our cloths away from us. My hair ruffling in the wind, I stood, gripping my sword as hard as I could with both hands.

We both just looked at each other, the unseen wind blowing both of our hair and coats around. Neither of us wanted to make the first move. Moments dragged into seconds, seconds that seemed like lifetimes.

In a flash we both reacted at the same instant. We both pushed off, and leapt forward with blinding speed. Our weapons met with a blinding flash. We were held in place for half a second, then we were both thrown backwards.

We both recovered, then leapt at each other again and again and again, each time with the same result. The distance we were thrown backward was getting smaller each time as our bodies tired. I think it's quite possible neither of us took a breath in all those strikes.

Finally I was only a few steps away from him. I crossed the distance, and slashed my sword in a sideways arch, aiming for his midriff. Faster than my sword, his body seemed to fade, and then my sword slashed through nothing but air.

I sensed him coming at me from behind, faster than I could dodge. Even faster than him, I disappeared as well, so his scythe went through nothing but air. I appeared above him, and dropped down from above. As before he disappeared, and my sword passed through air to slam into the ground.

He came at me from the side, and I disappeared, appearing behind him. I slashed, and he disappeared only to reappear above me. He hurled his scythe like a spear and the tip slammed into the ground where I was moments before I leapt backwards. I didn't disappear, I simply jumped backwards.

Suddenly, I realized my mistake. With blinding speed, Damion rushed at me from the front. I could not dodge in time. He slashed with his scythe, cutting a deep gash from shoulder to opposite hip. I was thrown to the ground, and bounced with the momentum from the severity of the blow.

Not giving him a chance to recover from his strike, I dipped my left hand in my own blood and screamed, "BLOOD OF THE FALLEN!" The band surged out, and Damion batted it aside, shattering the spell like it was child's play. It accomplished what I wanted however, right after I threw the spell, I hurled my sword. The blade spun towards him, and caught him in the stomach. The meter long blade sank to the hilt before it stopped, and the momentum threw him backwards against the back wall of the church.

I leapt to my feet, pain something nonexistent to me. I raced towards the stunned Damion. He was not stunned for long however, he removed my sword from his stomach and hurled it at me. I side stepped, and continued towards him, forgetting swords I just wanted to punish him as much as I could. I could think of nothing else but pummeling his bloody body until I couldn't lift my arms. Blinded by my own rage I slammed into him.

I rammed my shoulder right into the exact spot my sword entered his stomach. Digging my feet into the ground, I pinned him against the wall. I strained every fiber of my muscles to cause him as much pain as possible. I didn't care what he did to me, as long as I caused him pain.

He brought his knee up, and connected it with my groin. I stumbled backwards, and he was on me in a flash. Forgetting weapons, he moved to grab me, to hurl me across the room. I surprised him though, I grabbed his arms, spun around and hurled him across the room.

Humans are strange. They seem to have a knack for getting things wrong. Like what demons and angels look like. However the fight that followed was like most humans would picture it.

We were roaring like the demons we were, impossible to tell which face showed more hatred. Energy coursed through the air as we battled each other with mere gestures and thoughts. The very ground seemed to ripple with our explosive force, and the church walls were very much in danger of being blown outward. The ground was cracked and scarred, broken and mangled beyond recognition. Everywhere wooden boards were tossed about, and the very concrete foundation was breached. It was crumbling into dust, and the very floor was in danger of falling down into the basement below.

Still we battled on, our weapons long forgotten. I caught him with a punch to the face, and leapt on him as he fell. I grabbed his waist and hurled him into the wall. He rebounded, but regained his feet.

I was too quick for him. I grabbed him by the side of the head and proceeded to beat his head into the wall as hard as I could. The concrete wall caved after the first few impacts, but still I rammed his head against that wall.

He lashed out with his elbow, catching me in my stomach. He spun his entire body around, and slammed my face with a backhand that had the entire momentum of his spin. I was tossed backwards and slid across the broken ground, plowing rubble out of the way.

He was upon me faster than a flash. He swung his hand downward, and blades lashed out, heading right for me. I rolled to the side as they bit into the ground, cutting deep gashes in the already broken floor. I regained my feet quickly, and leapt away as he swung his other hand, repeating the spell. I leapt high into the air, and crossed the room. I hit the wall in the top right corner, pushed off, and propelled myself towards him.

As I drew close, I reared my arm back and slashed at him with my own attack. He moved so fast he seemed to vanish as he dodged backwards. He was standing on the ground, so when I attacked, flying head first towards him there was no way I could recover. I fell face first onto the hard ground, bouncing then sliding through the rubble.

He moved towards me with that same blinding speed. I put my legs up and stopped his body before he could crush me that way. His hand flew forward, reaching for my throat. I grabbed it with both of mine, and struggled to hold him back. He was stronger, his fingers drawing closer and closer to my throat.

I pushed off with my legs, tossing him up into the air, then I pushed off from the ground with my arms, tossing myself up into the air towards him. I lashed out with the blades of magical energy that I could call out every time I swung my hand. They struck him in the chest, and knocked him back.

He crashed to the ground, landing on his head. I landed in a crouch to absorb the impact of my fall, then rushed at him with my own impressive speed. He was suddenly standing. He didn't jump up, there was just a blur, and he was standing, all without moving his legs or arms. He swung his hand, connecting his own magical blades with my chest. I crashed to the ground at his feet, cloths lined by his attack.

I rolled away as he swung both his hands down, blades flying from each of his hands. Once I was clear of the blades I still kept rolling. I leapt to my feet, and held my hand up, concentrating all my energy into it.

My hand glowed red, and so did the hilt of my sword. I summoned it to me from where it lay forgotten. It flew across the expanse to come into my waiting hand.

I plucked it out of the air, grabbed it in a two handed grip, and charged down Damion with it raised high, roaring as I went. He just stood there looking at me. As I came to him I brought it into a mighty swing that would have cleaved his head right in two.

Just as my sword was descending, using his lightning fast speed, he summoned his scythe out of thin air. He held the shaft up, blocking my cut. My sword rattled from the impact, my very bones vibrating both from the solid impact, and the magical surge that resulted from both our weapons meeting.

He shoved the shaft backwards, forcing my arms and sword backwards with it. He slammed the blunt back end of my sword into my face, right between the eyes. I was stunned beyond belief. I stumbled backwards, ready to fall, my sword falling from my weakened grip to clatter to the floor.

Damion was far from finished however. He brought his scythe up above his head with a flourish gesture, the blade of it already glowing. He brought it down in a mighty slash, a blade of energy three times the size of the original blade coming off of it. That blade struck me in the chest, tossing me backwards violently. The ground itself was split from that attack.

I came crashing down, bouncing and sliding across the rubble strewn ground. I tried to get up, but my muscles failed me. The feeling of defeat came down upon me with crushing force more powerful than any spell. I had failed, now there would be no one to stop the tide of darkness spreading across this world.

The whole earth shook as he leapt forward, landing at my feet. Perhaps I was just so faint and dizzy that it felt like the whole earth shook. Either way he towered above me, raising his scythe above his head.

Images assaulted my senses. Images of my mother from pictures I managed to find, images of Father Rodrigues and all the other slayers. Images of my new found friends, Halathan and his werewolf companions. All these images came to me as that deadly scythe began it's descent. It all happened in slow motion, as I thought of how I failed all of them. Then a new thought entered my mind. Some stupid poster on the side of a building encouraging kids to stay in school, it said, "You never fail until you give up." I was giving up, that's why I failed. I had given up.

NO! Screamed a voice inside my head. You can't give up. You've never given up on anything in your life, now when your life is about to end is no time to give up. The voice was joined by another. We believe in you. Then just the second voice came, it was the soft, melodious voice of a woman. I'll always believe in you my son, now fight for what you believe in!

Steeled with a new resolve, I summoned up all the strength I had left. I concentrated on my sword with all my might. I could see the blade, bouncing and sliding across the ground, coming towards my outstretched right hand. I could also see the scythe, descending towards my heart. It came down to a race, which one would win, my sword, or Damion's scythe.

The scythe won, it was too late, my sword was too far away. The scythe would end my life, there was nothing I could do.

NO! The sound of all the voices screaming inside my head were deafening.

"NO!" I screamed. I put absolutely every ounce of strength into summoning my sword. It took flight and slid easily into my outstretched hand, the scythe was inches away from my chest. I swung with blinding speed, my sword moving to bat the scythe aside. The scythe was now so close to my chest I could feel the cold point of it's tip, but my sword was just as close to the scythe. Time seemed to stand still for an eternity. I could see both weapons, see the look of rage on Damion's face. I could imagine a similar look on my face.

Then suddenly everything went back to normal speed. My sword collided with the scythe, knocking it aside. It stabbed deep into the ground, inches from both my shoulder and side.

Recovering faster than I even though possible, I pulled my sword back, and still lying on the ground, swung it right into Damion's side. He roared in pain as he was thrown to the side by the severity of the blow.

I leapt to my feet, and raced after him. He was hurt, but not out however, he too regained his feet quickly, and all my sword met was empty ground as I brought it crashing down towards him.

He jumped backwards with his blinding speed. I leapt after him, my own speed surprising everyone, me especially. Once again I was blinded by my own rage. I raised my sword up, it was glowing as the energy surged from my body to get focused into the blade.

He landed on the ground towards the back of the church. I came flying towards him, my sword raised high above my head. With a mighty swing I brought it down towards him. He leapt aside, and all the energy was released into the ground with explosive force. I cut an avenue twenty feet into the ground with that strike. I was far from down however.

Faster than he could recover, I leapt right at him. He hurled the scythe at me like a spear, using it's pointed bottom. I knocked it aside with my off hand, then resumed my double handed grip on my sword as I descended on him. I slammed it down on him, aiming for his head. He managed to leap backwards, so he avoided the actual blade, but pure energy surged from my body and flowed through the blade to slam into his chest, throwing him all the way across the shorter side of the church to strike the wall, hard.

I landed, and hurled my sword right at his heart. Too stunned to dodge, he merely twisted aside. The blade caught him in the shoulder instead of the heart, pinning him to the wall. I raced at him with my rage fueled speed, my hand raised up and already glowing from the energy gathering there.

Just as I got to him, he ripped his shoulder from the sword, leaving the sword stuck in the wall, and his own shoulder in bloody tatters of ligaments and broken bones. I slashed my hand across where he was before he pulled away. The raw energy radiating from my hand ripped the wall to pieces, smashing a twenty foot wide hole in it.

Despite the pain he must have been feeling from his severed shoulder, Damion leapt away, to stand in front of what remained of the altar. The pulpit was about the only thing in this entire church that was not completely destroyed.

With one leap I crossed over to stand before him. His shoulder was still completely destroyed, but he was moving his arm like nothing was wrong. This led me to believe that he was not in his true form.

"You have proven to be an annoyance, I shall soon rectify that. No one on this earth has ever seen a demon in their true form. You should be very fortunate. You are the only person who has ever required me to transform to destroy." He grabbed the right sleeve of his tunic and ripped it free, revealing a tattoo painted there.

The tattoo was an infinity sign, sort of like a figure eight, but not connected in the center. It was written in dark purple ink, but the real grabbing feature was the fire. The whole thing looked like it was set ablaze, and the tattoo itself seemed to move like it was made out of that purple and black fire.

"This is the mark of a true born demon!" Screamed Damion. "This is the mark of the chosen of the forgotten realms. Once I destroy you there will be nothing in my way, I shall take over this world easily. THIS ENDS HERE!" As bellowed the last three words, he raised his hands above his head. I could sense the flow of tremendous energy coming off his body.

I was blinded as a searing white light burst forth from his body. I could no longer see what was happening the light was so bright.

As soon as it faded, I looked upon Damion's true form for the first time. He now towered above me, standing well over twenty feet tall. He looked like a very large human shrouded behind a white cloak. No part of his actual body was visible. His tunic covered his body, and his hands were covered in thick metal gauntlets, his feet with heavy metal boots. His hood was up, covering his face, and all you could see were two points of white light burning behind the hood, that I presumed were his eyes. By far the most impressive feature however, were his wings. If you could even call them wings. They were tendrils of light that jutted out from his back and arranged themselves into a wing like pattern. They looked both solid, and not at the same time.

He reached one of his massive hands behind his head to the space between his wings. He slowly drew fourth a massive sword. The sword itself was at least fifteen feet long if not longer. It was a wicked looking broadsword with a jagged back edge. The entire blade was covered with white flames. The flames burnt unchecked across the whole length of the weapon, even the hilt, his hands apparently not feeling the heat.

Without a word, or anything at all, he swung the massive blade with incredible speed. I ducked under it, feeling the heat from the white fire. He swung it back, and I leapt backwards, away from him.

I'm very sure that even demons would have collapsed, trembling in fear when they saw this figure before them. Any being on this earth would have done the same, even though he looked like a human's image of an angel. I however did something that no one, especially Damion could have imagined. No one in their right mind could have thought I would do this, right at this moment.

I began to laugh. It started as a chuckle, but very soon turned into a booming laugh that echoed in the silent halls of the church.

"You find your death amusing?" Spoke Damion. His voice was deep and seemed to come from all around me instead of from him.

"Now allow me to show you something. Allow me to show you something that has been with my since my birth." I grabbed the left sleeve of my jacket and ripped it free. There clearly emblazoned on my arm, in the exact same spot, was a tattoo identical to Damion's. "Allow me to show you your mark of a true born demon!" I grabbed the bottom of my shirt and ripped it over my head, showing my bare chest and back.

"Now allow me to show you something else!" I screamed. Now that my shirt was removed the purple mark that coursed across my body in thick lines was clearly visible. "This, this is the mark of hatred. Now I realize, it is not my demon blood that has poisoned my very existence. It was my hatred of you that was eating away at my life. This hatred so powerful, that my demon blood turned it into this mark, and every time I used my hatred of you as a weapon this mark spread. Now let me show you what this hatred looks like once it is unleashed upon you. You've never seen a monster until you see me!" I roared.

The purple mark that coursed over my arms suddenly ripped up from my skin. They formed into tentacles jutting out of my wrist. My legs, arms and body all began to swell. Muscles rippled across them, and my skin began to turn dark red and black, like cooling lava. I shot upward, as my legs and body lengthened by huge margins. I now towered over Damion by at least five feet. My face bulged outward, and so did my forehead. Huge gaping jaws filled with huge fangs sprouted from my face. On my forehead, a gigantic horn formed, going across my forehead and down each side of my face to jut out like that of a bighorn sheep. The last thing to appear were my wings. They suddenly sprouted from my back. They were leathery skin like a dragon's, but it was ripped in a pattern that looked like flames. Also the wings themselves were on fire with a black and purple flame that never ceased.

I had become a full fledged monster, the stuff of nightmares. My deep red body was scarred with black in exactly the same pattern that the purple mark had coursed all over my previous form. The tentacles attached to my wrist were long and wicked looking.

I reached into the space between my wings and pulled forth a gigantic double edged battle ax. The shaft, and ax head were both engulfed in that same black and purple flame as my wings.

Brandishing the ax in front of me, I let out a mighty roar. The entire earth trembled at the might of that sound. Buildings shook, everyone felt it one way or another.

Damion let out a mighty yell that shook the earth even more, and with that we both leapt at each other, our weapons meeting with a deafening clash, blinding flash, and explosive power.

It's funny, humans have been backwards about pretty much everything they ever had a thought or idea about. With my human blood, I am as close to an angel as the earth has ever seen, and Damion is pure demon, evil to the core. But when our true forms were revealed, Damion, the king of the demons is exactly as humans picture angels, and I am a thing of nightmares, exactly how humans picture a demon. I found that funny, even as I battled Damion.

Damion was forced to leap back with my powerful attack, and I leapt after him. I swung my ax, aiming to cleave his body in half. With one powerful stroke of his wings he carried himself up and out of my range. I leapt after him with the aid of my own wings.

We soared upward towards the ceiling, and Damion crossed his arms over his head and pushed up, smashing through the roof, and into the open air beyond, which accommodated our large size more easily.

He beat his wings hard, trying to get clear of the hole he created so I would lose sight of him. I lashed out with my right tentacle, wrapping it around his leg. I jerked him to a stop, then beat my wings against the air and went right towards him.

He jerked his leg free of my grasp, and with a powerful stroke from his wings got out of my path as I charged at him, my ax over my head. He recovered and moved forward, aiming to stab his sword strait through my body.

Hovering, I spun to beat his blade aside with the haft of my ax. He beat his wings, and moved backwards, I followed him, slashing and swinging with my ax. He parried my blows, returning some with a ferocity never before seen on this earth.

With a mighty thrust of my wings, I rose above him, and came plummeting down. He caught my ax haft on his blade, but was unable to push it aside. Our weapons remained locked, and I used all my energy to force him back down towards the ground.

He struggled vainly to throw me off, or to spin from my grasp, but I held him firm. We went back through the roof of the church like we were passing through paper. I slammed him into the ground with earth shattering force. The ground caved in under the impact, leaving a huge crater about half the size of the giant church.

He recovered from being stunned, and put his feet in my stomach, pushing me off him, and into the air. He leapt from the ground, using his wings to propel himself up, then towards me, his sword outstretched. With a powerful stroke from my own wings I soared up and away from him.

I kept flying upwards and away from his outstretched blade. I once again passed out of the church, and into the open air. He was still chasing me, that deadly blade searching for my flesh.

Suddenly, I paused, spun around to face him, and hurled my ax right at him, starting above my head. He stopped his progress, and turned to the side, allowing the spinning ax to pass by. It went back through the hole into the church, and struck the ground with explosive force, right in the crater already made by me slamming him into the ground.

Seeing victory in his grasp because I was now unarmed, he rushed at me. I hovered, not even having to flap my wings, just hovering by my pure energy.

His blade came closer and closer, aiming right for my heart. I watched him come at me. He seemed to think I was resigned to my fate. At the last possible second, I dropped to the side, using my left wing to angle me away from him, and the force of gravity to pull me down. His stab missed, and while plummeting downward, I lashed out with my tentacle. It wrapped around his sword. I grabbed my own tentacle in both hands and gave it a huge tug. The sword resisted, then came flying out of his hand. It spiraled downward, leaving a trail of white fire wherever it went.

Surprised, but quickly recovering, Damion swung his right wing at me. The tendrils of light that made up the wing extended, and flew right towards me, each tip looking like the tip of a spear. White fire came blossoming out of nowhere, coming with the tendrils right at me.

I curled my own left wing around my body, supported by my left arm. The fire and tendrils hit the wing and were deflected from my body. When they both ceased, I lowered my wing so I could see once again.

Damion came down at me from above. He had used his previous attack to cover his movements. His double fisted attack caught me in the shoulder blades, sending me spinning towards the ground. I hit the side of a building, crushing the wall in around me. I was pinned there, too stunned to move.

Damion came soaring strait towards me in a dive, his hands out in front of him, balled into fists. His fists hit me in the stomach, forcing me through the rest of the wall, through the entire building, heading at a downward angle, him coming right along with me. We went sideways into the adjacent building, came out the other side, then hit the ground.

A gigantic crater opened up from our impact. I was trapped under his impressive weight. I swung my claws vainly at his face, but he kept it just out of reach. I moved my arms towards his body instead, but he grabbed them, pinning them to the ground.

We just sat there, unable to move or attack each other. I growled and snarled, baring my fangs. He moved his hooded face close to mine to whisper taunts in my ear. I stopped growling and looked at him as he drew away.

I looked into those two cold spheres of light emanating from under his hood. The rest of his appearance might have been angelic, but his eyes were pure evil.

Suddenly, I whipped my head forward into a massive head-but, connecting my solid bone forehead with his. He recoiled backwards, and I got my legs out from under him. I put them right in his chest, and shoved off. I threw him right up into the air, then leapt up off the ground my self. I came above him, and slammed him back down to the earth with a powerful punch.

He skipped and skidded to a stop on the ground. I landed standing over him, my red eyes burning bright in my skull. Without moving my arms, my tentacles snaked out, seemingly with a mind of their own. They wrapped around his wrists like manacles. I then threw my arms up, tossing him into the air. I slammed him into the ground, the buildings around us, and then the ground again.

Then I began to spin. I spun around and around, gathering speed, whipping him around and around on the end of my tentacles. Finally I let go, sending him flying through the side of a building. I lost track of where he was he flew so far and fast, crashing through the sides of buildings.

I sat waiting, peering out with my senses searching for him. I couldn't find him. He was hiding somewhere.

After a moment I began to sense something. It was traveling, but that was all I could tell. I couldn't even tell what direction it was coming from. It was getting closer, coming up fast. But where was it? As it came closer it got clearer and clearer. It was, it was, it was.....Below me!

The ground began to glow red just as I realized it. I tried to leap away, but was too late. Damion exploded from the ground under me. The force of his attack ripped the street apart, and threw me up high into the air. I was tumbling amid rocks and debris uncontrollably.

I drew my limbs in towards my body, and gathered my power. Thrusting my limbs out, my power exploded away from me, sending the rocks and debris flying away and stopping my spin.

Before I could even begin to search for him, Damion struck me from behind. His double fisted attack catching me in the back of the head. I began to spin uncontrollably again, heading towards the ground at an angle.

I saw the church where the fight began come rushing at me. I could not stop myself. I crashed through the wall, and into the floor, in the exact crater where my ax still sat.

The weakened ground cracked under the impact, and I fell downward into a chamber underneath the church.

Stunned from my fall, I gained my feet unsteadily, and looked in awe at the room I found myself in. It was a shrine. Encircling a strange center stone, were huge stone arches, exactly like Stonehenge.

The center stone was a square slab, set exactly in the center of the circle of arches. Burning eternally on it's surface was the same exact tattoo that was branded on Damion and my arms. It burned with a blue and white light.

Damion descended slowly into the shrine. Floating down majestically through the hole I created, my own ax was clutched in his hands.

"So now you see. This shrine marks the first portal linking this world to the forgotten realms. This portal that was sealed upon my exile. And this portal that I shall soon open again, once you are gone from this world!"

He advanced on me, my ax raised. I whipped one of my tentacles at him. He batted it aside with an arm and advanced faster. With a stroke of my powerful wings I threw myself up into the air. I crashed through the floor of the church, and sailed up into the air.

Suddenly Damion was beside me. I stopped, and tried to bring my arms around to grab onto the descending ax. I failed. The huge double headed ax pierced my body, cutting my very heart in two.

The haft of the ax bending from the sheer power erupting from Damion, he forced me to the ground with the follow through of his blow. The ax head was still buried deep in my chest.

I struck the ground, cracking it. Damion still stood above me, pushing the ax deeper into my already mangled chest.

I was loosing my strength. Light fading from my vision. I lost the strength to keep my head up. It fell to the side.

My gaze was attracted to a glowing white light. It was Damion's sword. It was within my grasp, but still a million miles out of reach. I didn't even have the strength to hold my own head up, let alone pick up a giant broadsword.

I felt the life flowing out of my body, felt all the pain leave. There was nothing I could do. My heart was destroyed. I would die. There was nothing I could do to stop that. Damion would destroy this world in his search for power. I tried to stop him, but failed. There was nothing I could do. Nothing, nothing, nothing.

NO! There was something. Suddenly rage erupted in my body, giving me strength unheard of. I grabbed the hilt of the sword, and thrust my arms backwards, aiming to push myself to my feet. However the explosion of power that occurred surprised even me. The ground imploded from the force, and Damion was thrown into the air, the ax falling from his hands.

As my strength began to fade once again, I leapt toward him, holding the sword up, aiming for his heart.

Our bodies drew closer and closer. Neither of us could change our paths. The sword drew closer and closer and closer to his heart. I saw the look of fear flash across his cold white eyes, as my own eyes burned bright red with rage.

With my last ounce of strength I thrust the sword forward, piercing his chest. It stabbed right through the center of his heart, destroying it completely.

My strength now gone, I let go of the sword and began to plummet. I felt my body shrinking and reverting back to my human form. I could see Damion also shrinking as he fell alongside me.

We hit the ground fully human again. Both of us were dying, there was nothing to stop that.

I have absolutely no clue how, but somehow I found the strength to struggle to my feet. My heart had been torn in two, but still I managed to get back up. I walked a tumbling step or two until I stood over Damion. His heart was gone, destroyed completely by the sword, but he still found the strength to look up.

"It is all clear to me. The strength to kill me, after I dealt that fatal blow to you, did not come from your demon side. It was your human will that gave you that strength. But our fight is merely a draw. You will die too. There is no stopping it." He spoke, slow and painfully.

"I have no regrets. I win tonight because I know, you will die first. I can rest in peace knowing you go first."

His face flashed that one look of pure malice he saved just for me, one more time, and then his head fell forward, and he died.

Seeing him die, all the strength granted to me by my human will left me. Now that he was dead I had nothing else to live for. My sole purpose in this world had been fulfilled. I collapsed to my knees as my strength failed.

For one wavering second I remained upright, gazing out at the world one last time. Then I too fell face first onto the ground as all life left my body.


The End