dragoons (the first attempt)

when all at once the green plumes come at you then they are black by the blighted sun a field after all the cedar trees have been harvested and severed for the farmhouses, all you are left to look at then are the green plumes-

they are
not like
ships at
all or clouds
where you
can see the
folds of father's
the crease
at his eyes-

and they arrive on time with the green fires hanging limply of green pine wood, the black plumes as regularly as ships standing in martial sneers at the moorings

where they
hanged a
man for
being a
and yes for once
he had been a traitor
not simply

a man hanged

then they arrive
and the earth
is dark brown beneath
the impatient horses
the breath is scoured
and lacy in the
decatur air above the
lowercase ships

they come at morning
or sometimes in the
afternoon but always
at night.

once you have looked into the icy river eyes then you may say you know these things. once they have come and turned black behind the stars then you may say you

know these
things. now
it is only
the garret by
the moorings
and a

slab of heavy ice in the fields,
where there are no longer