Save my life

Love is red

I'm color blind

I want to scream up to the sky

Come rip my heart

Right from my chest

Stab it with a thousand knives

Leave me here to bleed

Leave me here to die

Someone come save my life

A hansom prince

On a tall white horse

Comes riding



Riding to my rescue

It's love at first site

But he doesn't see me

He looks right at me

But his eyes penetrate the silence

I'm a forgotten princess

And I wake up

It's just a dream

But there he stands

In my doorway

My price stands

Standing there he sees me

Finally my prince

He loves me and it's not enough

He's my heart my soul my life

He's me

And he's everything about me I hate

He's weak but beautiful

He's cruel but beautiful

He's not perfect he's beautiful

He's me but beautiful

He's beautiful

And he's nothing but an illusion

Nothing but a vision

A vision of love in my eyes

And I burn inside


To live without my true love

The prince who road his tall white horse

Through the flames of my heart

The flames that created


The flames that gave me life

Give me death

The flames that gave me warmth

Freeze my soul

They lifted me up but now I fall

They're high as the stars and beyond

They're never there

They're never gone

They're anything but ordinary

Everything that's me

Everything that's not

Everything I want

Everything I have

Everything I'll never even see

I reach out to touch him

He pulls away and disappears

I'm invisible to him

Why doesn't he see me

For everything I am?

When will this living hell

Disappear and leave me alone?

How can my world even turn,

If my prince isn't in it?

Will you be my prince?

Will u take me away?

Someone come SAVE MY LIFE