"I'd like to buy half a dozen roses please." Lauren asked the shop keeper shyly.

The old man looked at her curiously then smiled playfully. "I thought it was the boys who got girls flowers. Not the other way around."

She laughed nervously. "Well, times have changed."

"What color miss?" He asked moving towards the cooler full of roses.

"White please." She moved a little closer to the counter and watched him work.

He nodded slowly and gathered six of the best white roses and wrapped them in a paper vase. "That will be twenty dollars please." The old man set the bouquet down in front of Lauren and watched her as she fished the money out of her purse.

"He must be a very special young man." He winked at her.

She chuckled a little. "Yes he is…" Lauren set down a twenty dollar bill and picked up the roses. "Thanks."

Lauren quickly dashed out of the flower store heading at a full run to the cemetery. The sun was already setting and she was afraid of being late. To her surprise she arrived before full nightfall. The clouds in the sky had masked the suns progress and made it appears as if night was coming fast. A sudden change in wind have moved the clouds from the horizon and the last few rays of the sun poured across her as she reached the hill.

Looking around she saw no sign of Michael. With a shrug she turned towards the unnamed grave. "I don't know who you are but no one deserves to be forgotten. I may not know you but… I'll remember you." Lauren felt silly talking to a grave but after what Michael had said she felt sorry for whom ever it was.

She knelt down in the soft grass, and gently laid the flowers down. After a moment of staring at the grave she stood back up and looked around. There was still no sign of Michael. She sighed and leaned against the angel beside the grave and waited.

Full night fell and the moon broke free of the clouds and gently shown down on her and the graveyard. She looked around with a worried frown and still couldn't spot the near luminescent figure of her friend. After two hours of waiting she gave up. She started to turn to leave but gave the unnamed grave one last look.

"Bye who ever you are…" Her voice caught in her through as the moonlight revealed something that couldn't be there. She fell to her knees and leaned in close, touching the headstone to affirm to her mind that what she was seeing was real.

Carved into the stone as if it had always been there was the name Michael. Below the burial date an odd comment was etched into it. 'Thank you.'

Lauren fell on her butt and sat there for a while, unable to fully absorb what she was seeing.

"It's… not possible… ghost don't exist." She stumbled to her feet and slowly walked down the path towards the exit. Lauren started when she saw the rose bushes that just a few hours ago had been lush and full of flowers were now just as bare as the rest of the fall swept land. She paused before fully leaving and looked back towards the hill. Lauren ran home fighting back tears.

Many years later…

"Mommy! Mommy!" A little girl dashed up the hill covered in bright green grass. In her small hands she carried a handful of wild flowers. She stopped beside her mother side and held up the flowers.

"I picked these for your friend." She smiled as big and proud as a kid possibly could.

"They are lovely Makaila, I'm sure Michael will love them." Lauren knelt down and hugged her daughter tightly. "Now let's give him both our flowers."

Makaila nodded quickly and bent over putting her small bouquet of flowers in front of the tomb stone. Her mother place half a dozen white roses beside the wild flowers.

"I promised I'd never forget." She said with a soft wistful smile.

Her daughter leaned over and kissed her mothers cheek. "Don't be sad, I'm sure he misses you too."

Lauren laughed softly and scooped her up and stood. "Now lets go meet your dad, he'll be worried if were late for breakfast."

The pair moved down the hill under the watchful eye of an overly tall lanky figure standing under the gentle wings of the angel.