The stealing of their crops was one thing, the burning child running through the town was completely another, but kidnapping her ten year old little brother even after she had given him her village, her home, and her personal belongings, was an entirely different subject. This family feud was way too much. She was not only fearing for the villagers that were no longer hers, but for her brother who could be tortured and murdered like her parents. She had no choice. She had to go to the Beast. She had no other person to turn to.


Ryan walked through the snow, enjoying the aggressive beauty which gave him so much comfort. He had been about to turn back and begin heading back to his stead, when he had seen it. He probably wouldn't have even noticed it if it wasn't for the single wolf sniffing around it. His curiosity piqued, he walked over, shooing away the fury creature, and parted the snow. A girl. There was a girl in the snow, alone. Carefully, he took her in his arms and went home.