Disclaimer::  This belongs to me….ME ME ME ME MEMEMEMEMEMEME!       I guess that takes care of that.

Author's Note::  don't really consider this a poem, just what I feel written down…and I think it can pass for one…I think.


Him.  Numerous words can be used to describe him.

Sometimes he lives up the name I call him everyday…other times, he doesn't.

I've spent my whole life with this man, yet feel as if there are areas in which I still need to know him more.

We've spent some years apart, our distance growing slowly.

He's a new man, I'm a new women.

I sit in a chair, hating him to death; yet the next day we'll sit together, reminiscing on old times, making the most of the moment.

We've had out fair share of moments…then again we haven't.

He's made his selfish decisions; I've made mine.

I know he's talked or thought about me in a bad way; I'm not going to lie, I've done the same.

Sometimes I turn to him for help…or just when there's no other place to go.

I hate him; I love him.

Our love is a special bond, that while I sit here thinking about it, I can't even begin to explain.

He is what he is.

He is my father.