Eight o'clock p.m.

Cleaning out my room.

Open the closet

Reach up to the farthest shelf.

Two books fall out

A surprise to myself.

I pick up the first

Put it away.

Look at the second

The title brings back the memories

Of yesterday.

My old yearbook

From many years ago.

Flip through the pictures

And the young faces in shows.

Stopping on page 53

My former self

Can't tell it's me.

Flip back a few pages


A picture of the person

I tried to leave behind.

I see your name

The tears start to swell

Held back behind my eyelids.

I remember the day I swore to myself

That the tears I cried for you that day

Would be the last that ever fell.

Well I'm not perfect

And the tears to fall.

Your picture from so long ago

Your messy scrawl over it.

I turn to the back

To see what everyone wrote.

Can't wait to see you again

Keep in touch I get to what you wrote I feel the familiar rush. You messy scrawl

From writing in a rush.

Hey little one

Don't miss me too much.

Remember it all

My non-stop runner

Gave it your all.

Don't forget me

Never loose touch.

Stop finishing everyone's sentences

Love you friend

Too much.

Then the last two words

Your name

The one who made me

Never feel the same.

The friend I lost

The one who moved on

Forgot about me

Made me remember life goes on.

Here's to you old friend

And the tears you made me cry.

Here's too you ditching me

And me leaving without a good-bye.

Here's to the day you come across your yearbook

And remember the old friend

You had overlooked.

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