A.N. I hope to get this published someday but I need some help. This is just the prologue, the actual story will begin in chapter one. I hope it's good! ^_^

Star Of Sorcery


Mairya was once a world where magic was well known and often used. Magical creatures were known to be real and many strange powers were common. But as time wore on, and technology became more and more advanced, those who weren't able to access these powers turned away from it. Many mages also decided that the trail of magery was too much of a bother, and there for, the powers were forgotten. * All the amazing wonders and mysteries of the magical arts retreated into myths and legends, and the creatures of these powers left the unbelieving world behind to live only in people's imagination and in other worlds where magic was still known. * But approximately six hundred years ago, a group of seventeen mages, believed to be the strongest magic-users there ever were, and ever will be, brought a 'game' they called Sorcery onto the world. They called themselves the Guardians, and they revived some of the forgotten powers and introduced this new branch of magic. It was called a game.but it was much, much more. * Sorcery was played by summoning powerful magical creatures into reality and combining them with items, spells, and strategy to win matches. During a match, the Sorcerer would direct the creature by going into a sort of mind meld with them. In this way, both summoner and summoned would have to work together to win. * Now Sorcery is played all over the world, even those who didn't actually play the game often had creature partners to help them in their lives, and both technology and magic are known and used by all, and the once forgotten powers were once again respected.but there were still those who would use these powers unwisely.