Amidst the trees I go freely.

Wondering if anyone will have the decency to rescue me from,

My pernicious dreams.

A snap of a twig, my head does not move,

Creatures have lured me away from my groove before.

This time, I will not succumb,

To the bastard visions of hell and its lord.

I deserve this however,

To wait forever at the leisure of others.

Amidst the trees I go freely still.

Wandering with purpose,

A deadly intent which keeps the soul feasting ones away.

A crime.

Which lies between myself and my acquaintances.

Of course now when I travel through the forest,

And find my former self, young, carefree,

Before the maliciousness of others would tear down my perception,

My walls of astonishing ignorance.

So amidst the trees I go freely again.

Starting towards a light,

A light that does not flicker,

Is not broken by the various pieces of the wilderness,

The grass hums as I start toward it.

Marking my presence bit by bit.

Stronger, as always.

I am unwelcome,

But not forgotten.

Amidst the trees I go freely.

Yet not,

Captivated by the incandescent light.

It warms me as I walk,

Bathing me in its ever present searing light.

The hounds howling on my heels again

Like last time,

They snap at my ankles, led by a man with no face,

Another dead husk, the ones I encounter are always lifeless.

Amidst the trees I go freely still.

I have yet to find someone with purpose,

And, dare I say it, someone who could help me.

Hands fumble at my clothing,

Trying to break through the barrier of light and dark.

I don't get pulled through,

It is not for me, but for others that they wait.

Amidst the trees I go freely.

I turn back and look through the canopy,

Watching the stars duel with each other.

I turn back,

Back into the black,

And continue walking.

And so…

Amidst the trees I go, but not freely.