It was written in the stars

I am sitting on the beach the sun has set long ago now, and I am captivated by the beauty that surrounds me.

As I look over the vicious waves that crash on the rocks a little way away from where I sit with loud bangs my eyes are drawn upwards to where sky and sea almost become one.

The darkness that they share makes me wonder what secrets they are concealing, why do they hide the beauty that they hold under their blue and black masks?

We can not steal what is rightfully theirs so why hide? As I am reflect on these thoughts that run through my head I cast my eyes back to the sand that I sit on and notice that if you look from the sand to the sky, the sky looks a lighter shade of blue.

Tonight I am determined to find a star, how dare the heavens conceal these from us?! Do they not know that there are people who need to see these little treasures? So I walk along the beach to see if it will make any difference, of course it wont I know that really there is a voice in the back of my head that's screaming that at me but I have to find a star, just one I have to!

Now see I know what you are thinking you are sat there thinking why? What's so special and significant about finding a star? Well see it's simple and yes it's a little bit silly but a) it all started with a wish and b) I want to wish upon a star Yes I know that it's crazy but as the saying goes you need to be a little crazy to stay sane.

Now back to the story I can't tell you what the wish is just yet or even why it all began with a wish on a star, I need to explain it first and then you will see hey maybe you will even guess.

Oh by the way my name's Angel and this is my story.