Kumiko the Demon-girl
(A Lime-flavored Original Fic)
By Ammadeau
[email protected]

Chapter 1: Demon-girl


"Hi, there! I'm here to kill you!"
Those were the cheerfully spoken words that roused Ken
Iwakami out of a pleasant nap.
"Wha?" he slurred as he scratched his head in confusion,
sitting up in bed and tossing a heavy calculus text to the floor. He
had dozed off studying for a college mid-term and was apparently
having some sort of strange dream.
A girl of about eighteen stood at the foot of his bed, smiling
cutely at him as she leaned forward, her hands behind her back. It
had to be a dream since no woman would sneak in to his
apartment, especially one with proportions normally reserved for
He felt the sudden urge to clean up his disheveled
apartment, or at the very least hide the hentai videos stacked near
the TV. There were also the ecchi manga that sat beside shojo
manga on his bookcase, though he was thankful he'd always been
too embarrassed to hang up any racy posters and left his walls
mostly bare. His life wasn't dominated by such material, but they
didn't exactly create the right impression when entertaining a lady.
Ken thought himself as basically an average Japanese male,
being a little taller than most with slightly wild black hair, soft
brown eyes, and features that resembled a manga artist's first
attempt at a bishonen man. While not incredibly handsome, he
thought himself rather pleasant to look at, which made his terrible
luck with women all the more confusing. He'd probably been
turned down more times than any other guy on campus, perhaps
more than all of them put together. However, he still had hope that
some woman somewhere would finally say yes to his advances,
and therefore refused to give up trying.
Even though it felt so real, Ken knew that this girl had to
the product of his hormone-fueled imagination, not even sure if
'girl' was the right word for her. Her long blue hair didn't look like
a dye job, while her red eyes were a bit too piercing to be contacts.
Her fangs could have been the result of some very particular dental
surgery, but the enormous bat wings that emerged from her back
made him discard that theory, especially considering the way the
cute little wings on her head were flapping slightly. They were
real, at least within the context of his dream.
The demon-girl began to stretch a bit, straining the black
leather that clung to her body in the form of a one-piece bikini that
was little more than two leather strips which barely maintained her
modesty. Oddly, Ken found her lack of a navel to be the most
alien thing about her.
She bent over to tug at her long leather boots, but was back
up again before Ken could really start to enjoy the view, fixing her
long black gloves like a doctor preparing for surgery. All of this
was connected with thin leather straps that seemed to tighten with
every movement like rubber. These straps and the rest of the outfit
were studded by large silver buttons that seemed to reflect raging
fires that didn't mesh with his slightly chilly bedroom. He absently
noted that the window was open.
She slowly sauntered closer to him, her full breasts jiggling
with every step as the buttons made sounds like silver bells. He
watched them dance as she moved, expecting their fires to be
replaced with his own reflection as they neared, but instead they
continued to burn. Then the girl leaned forward, giving Ken full
view of her generous assets, framed in a ocean of blue hair.
"Can you hear me now?!" she suddenly shouted right in his
ear, snapping Ken out of his daze.
"Urgh!!" he shouted in surprise, trying to jump away from
her, only to bang his head on the wall. He turned back to the
demon-girl, rubbing his head in pain. It was the first time he had
hurt himself in a dream, but there was no way this girl could be
real. No one was that good at cosplay.
"Good, you heard that!" she told him in a cheerful, almost
perky voice that reminded him of his younger cousin after she had
consumed way too much sugar. "I was worried for a second that I
had chosen a victim who was deaf... not that it would really matter,
now that I think about it."
"Victim?" Ken repeated, again trying to edge away from
her, only to find his back up against the wall, feeling a cold breeze
drift over his bare arms from the window next to him. That word
definitely didn't sit well with him; it was a promise of much pain in
the future, and he already knew he could get hurt in this dream.
The demon-girl took a seat on his bed, drawing ever closer
to him, smiling in a way which might have been nice if it weren't
for her obviously sharp and pointy fangs. She crossed her legs in a
dainty fashion, leaning her elbow on her knee as she studied him
intently, her intense red gaze boring into him.
"Yes, I've finally been allowed to select a victim so I can
devour his soul to keep me whole and healthy for a thousand years!
Out of all the humans in Japan, I've chosen you! Don't you feel
special?" she told him as if she had just won the lottery or a very
bizarre game show.
Ken thought this had to be the strangest dream yet, even
counting the one where the cheerleaders from high school had all
thrown lobsters at him. He decided that there was nothing he could
do but go along with it. Every time Ken tried to escape a dream,
he'd 'wake up' in an even worse one, and he didn't want to know
what could be worse than this.
"So why did you choose me? Is my soul going to be... extra
tasty or something?" he asked, hoping that he could dispel this
phantom by simply playing along. Just ride the dream out and
before he knew it, he'd be back in his normal life again.
"No, it's not like that! Really, the soul of any human will
do, so we normally choose people with an excess of bad karma, but
unfortunately everyone like that around here isn't a valid choice for
some reason or another. I choose you because it didn't look like
anyone would miss you when you're gone."
Ouch, that was harsh even for his subconscious. "Umm,
couldn't you have put that a bit nicer? You almost make it sound
as if I'd be better off dead."
"Of course you will!" she told him with a grin. "From what
I've seen, you have no true friends, no real skills or talents, and no
future. Things will only get worse and worse for you anyway so
you might as well die!"
Ken thought that this whole thing would be better to take if
she didn't have to be so... cheerful over his impending death, at her
hands no less.
"So I'll go to heaven after this and lead an ideal life for all
eternity, right?" Ken asked, trying to recall what little he knew
about the major religions. They all seemed to offer some sort of
paradise after death. Though that had always struck him as a bit
too convenient in the past, right now it seemed a great idea.
"Nope!" the demon-girl replied with a huge smile. "When I
consume your soul, your very existence will be destroyed! You'll
be gone forever!"
"Forever?" he repeated, having slowly made his way to the
edge of the bed, nearly slipping off. He wondered how effective
running like hell would be from a demon-girl. He was starting to
believe that this was no dream. Even if it was, it was better to be
safe than consumed.
The girl nodded with a grin as she sat cross-legged on his
pillow, her large bat wings flapping a bit before settling on her
shoulders like a cape.
"Wait, you're a succubus, right? Aren't you supposed to
seduce men into your trap and suck out their souls before they
know what happened?" Ken asked in an attempt to turn this from a
nightmare into one of those sort of dreams.
The girl laughed. "Succubi are just the inventions of ecchi
old men! They don't really exist! Well, there are the angels of
desire but they don't really..."
"But you look like..."
She blinked and glanced at herself, squirming all around as
if in search of some imperfection with a small confused frown.
"What do you mean? All demons look like this... well, more or
Feeling that nothing could be worse than his impending
doom, Ken had to at least try to escape. So while the demon-girl
was busy examining herself, he dashed for the exit. He had only
just reached his small kitchen, however, an invisible force seemed
to seize him at the neck, knocking him to the floor. Ken looked
down to see that he was now wearing a spiked leather collar with a
long silver chain leading off from it and into the demon-girl's hand.
He found out the hard way how sharp those spikes were, pricking
his finger as he reached out to try to get the collar off.
"Silly boy, you can't escape me!" she told him, sounding
very amused by his feeble attempt. "I had to wait for a long time
and fill out a lot of paperwork to get your soul."
"But I don't want to die!" Ken shouted, breaking down in
tears, the lingering thought that this was a dream fading
completely. The situation was completely unbelievable, but at the
same time all too real. He was going to die at the hands of a
cheerful demon without having done anything truly significant in
his life. It would mean all of the little hardships he had gone
through had been for nothing.
The demon-girl knelt down next to him, a consoling sort of
smile on her dark red lips. The chain and collar vanished, and with
her now free hand she reached out to stroke his hair.
"It's okay," she whispered. "The process is completely
painless. You won't feel a thing. Some demons don't tell their
victims, but I don't really think that's fair. But look on the bright
side, at least this way you can't go to Hell!"
"But I can't die yet!" Ken protested, feeling almost frantic
for some way to save his life. Pathetic it might have been, but it
was the only one he had. "I'm still a virgin!"
The demon-girl blinked, looking at him closely for a few
moments before finally shrugging her shoulders and saying. "Oh,
all right. If that's what it'll take to end all this fuss..."
She stood and undid the clasps that connected her gloves to
the rest of her outfit, slipping off the former and dropping them to
the floor.
For a moment Ken wondered what she was doing, but then
his eyes went wide as the realization hit him. "Actually, I meant
with a human girl...," he told her, but she didn't seem to hear him
as she bent down to remove her boots.
People under great stress tend to notice the most irrelevant
things. Ken noticed that she had surprisingly cute toes for a
Now she looked down at him in only her one-piece bikini,
her large wings having vanished somehow, though the little ones
on her head swayed in a faint breeze. "You better get ready
yourself. The sooner this is over with, the sooner you won't have
to worry about dying!"
*That's because you'll be munching on my soul by then,*
Ken thought with a frown, but instead replied, "But I thought you
said you weren't a succubus..."
The demon-girl rolled her eyes. "I'm not, silly, but we were
all made by the same Creator, so we all have the same basic parts.
Mine just work a little differently from yours, that's all."
And with that, she finally slipped off her bikini, standing
totally nude before him. Other than being unusually pale, her body
looked like that of a normal human female. Actually, normal didn't
fit at all; it seemed the living image of the work of a great sculptor.
Her body was flawless; from the tip of her slightly pointed nose,
down her shoulders to her full breasts, down further her flat
stomach, curvy thighs, to her cute little toes.
"Well?" she asked, putting a hand on naked hip. "All you
want to do is look?"
Ken shut his jaw, which felt like it had been hanging open
for the past several minutes, and slowly stood up to face her. He
found out that he was just a bit taller than her, so he had to look
down into her red eyes, eyes that twinkled with amusement.
*This isn't the way I wanted my first time to be, but since it
looks like it'll be my _only_ time, I better just go for it.*
Very slowly and cautiously, as he expected her to attack
him any moment, he wrapped his arms around her, finding her skin
softer than anything he had ever felt before and hot like she had a
fever. Shivering with contact, he pulled her closer to him, tilting
her head with the light touch of his shaking hand to draw those
dark lips in for a kiss.
In a blur of motion, she had picked him up and slammed
him down on his bed, ripping the clothes from his body with a loud
tearing sound, all without breaking off the kiss. Instead, she
deepened it, slipping in her tongue between his surprised lips as
she eagerly explored his mouth. *She's got a forked tongue,* he
thought before shrugging mentally and trying to kiss her back with
the same force.
Finally they broke off the kiss, both of them gasping for air,
which Ken noticed did interesting things with her chest. He was
distracted from that by her grin as she looked down at him, one that
seemed to promise much more enjoyment ahead. That smile gave
him the confidence to take the offensive himself.
Ken swept back her long blue hair, feeling like strands of
the finest silk, to uncover her pointed ear, in which he whispered
all the things he had planned to say at this moment, all at once so it
came out as gibberish, causing the demon-girl to giggle girlishly.
He planted kisses there, trailing down her neck.

Ken lay gasping for breath after the sudden rush of their
mutual orgasm had faded. The demon-girl lay on top of him,
drawing faint circles on his chest with one long fingernail as she
smiled down at him. Ken thought his eyes were playing tricks
because he could have sworn that she was glowing a faint blue.
"So are you going to kill me now?" he asked a bit
nervously. He still didn't want to die, but after that... it wouldn't be
so bad. He couldn't think of a better way to go, his body still
echoing with pleasure.
The demon-girl looked away from him, glancing at his
alarm clock, and said, "It's still several hours before dawn. How
about one more time?"
"You mean...?" Ken asked, not entirely sure he had the
strength left for another round. The first one had taken everything
he had and more. She was a very demanding, and athletic, bed
partner. Not that he was complaining.
The demon-girl grinned as she turned back to him, leaning
forward to draw him into a deep kiss. All thoughts of resistance
faded from Ken's mind as he reached out to touch her body once

It was the aftermath of their second orgasm. Ken lay staring
up at the ceiling, the demon-girl cuddling at his side. He could
almost pretend she was a real girl with only the top of her head
protruding from the blankets, if he could ignore those little bat
wings. *They're kinda cute though.*
He felt spent in every sense of the word, barely able to
move his mouth to form words. He idly wondered if sex with a
demon-girl drained away his energy somehow because the physical
effort shouldn't have been this exhausting.
"Aren't you supposed to kill me now?" he slurred, doubting
he would feel it, even if it was painful.
The demon-girl' eyes were firmly shut as she told him in a
tired voice. "Too sleepy. Do it tomorrow."
"Didn't you say something about killing me before the night
is through?"
"I'm giving you an extension," she told him, giggling at
some joke he didn't get. With her eyes still shut, she leaned
forward and kissed him softly on the cheek. "Now shut up and let
me sleep."
Ken idly wondered if the kiss had some magic in it, for he
yawned suddenly and exhaustion was tugging at him a hundred
times stronger than before. "Tell me your name, at least," he
whispered as he felt his consciousness fading.
"Kumiko," she replied so softly he could barely hear it.
*That's a pretty name for a demon-girl,* Ken thought
before he finally surrendered to sleep.

"What a weird dream..." Ken thought out loud when his
alarm clock woke him the next morning, trailing off when he
noticed Kumiko was still curled up next to him, sleeping
peacefully, faint smile decorating her lips. "I guess it wasn't a
He found it hard to believe that she was actually a demon-
girl who planned to kill him and eat his soul. A demon-girl who he
had sex with twice last night. Ken knew that he was more than a
bit hentai. He had dreamt about sex ever since hitting puberty.
The true experience had been everything he had imagined it to be
and so much more.
However, there wasn't time to think about it now. Very
carefully and quietly, he slipped out of bed and inched towards the
closet. It would only take him a few moments to slip on some
clothes and be out the door. It probably would only delay his death
an hour at most, but after last night Ken was convinced that life
was definitely worth living.
Something grabbed him around the neck before he could
reach the closet, however. Feeling its pointy spikes, he knew it
was the collar Kumiko had used on him when he had tried to
escape last night. Ken slowly turned back around, expecting
terrible wrath for trying to trick her, only to see the back of her
head and hear the faint sounds of snoring. There was also a chain
that lead from the collar he now wore to someplace underneath the
Ken blinked and approached the bed, only to watch the
seemingly-solid chain and collar vanish before his eyes. Again, he
silently approached Kumiko and slowly pulled back the sheets, but
the only thing of interest this revealed was the demon-girl's pert
bottom and a smooth back with no sign of the large bat wings she
had had last night.
*Is she really sleeping, or just faking? I don't think demons
need to sleep anyway,* Ken thought, slipping back into bed;
partially not to risk angering her, but mostly because his room was
a bit too cold to go around naked. Though under the sheets was
almost a bit too hot because Kumiko's body radiated heat like a
kotatsu, and she only got hotter when they... He'd been half-
worried she'd set his sheets on fire.
Ken lay in bed as he stared up at the ceiling, firmly
convinced escape was impossible. The only thing to do was to
prepare himself for death, while trying to ignore the fact that the
one thing he really wanted at the moment was to slip his arm
around Kumiko, to feel her body pressed against his again. That
wouldn't help him any, nor were the escape plans his mind was
frantically coming up with. He knew none of them had a chance.
*Just breathe deep and relax,* he thought. *Let go of everything.
Become an uncarved stone.*
Ken's near-zen state was ruined when Kumiko yawned and
rolled over, slipping one of her arms around him as her soft breasts
rubbed up against his side. As he looked down at her, she tilted
her head up to meet his, drawing him into a lingering kiss. "Good
morning," she said with a sleepy smile.
"Go..good morning," Ken echoed a bit hesitantly, expecting
the end to come at any moment, though after a few moments
passed in silence with her grinning up at him, he couldn't help but
ask, "So are you going to... kill me now?"
Kumiko blinked at him in surprise as she sat up, her large
bat wings unfurling behind her, casting him in shadow. "Kill you?
I had forgotten all about that!" she admitted in an embarrassed tone
as she rubbed the back of her head.
Ken whimpered a bit. If only he had kept his mouth shut,
she might have gone away and left him in peace; but no, he had to
remind her that she was there to murder him.
Slipping out of bed, Kumiko padded across the wood floor
and dragged the chair from his desk over, her eyes studying Ken
intently the entire time. He was well aware of this, as his eyes
were glued to her nude form as it bounced and swayed in
interesting ways with her every movement. While not exactly his
focus, her piecing red eyes were hard to miss. Even under that
gaze, he couldn't help staring at her lithe body. Movies and
magazines were no substitute for the real thing, even though
technically Kumiko wasn't a genuine human woman. It was as
close as he'd ever get now, he realized gloomily.
Noticing that the demon-girl was starting to look a bit
frustrated while she continued to stare at him, as if vexed by a
particularly difficult problem, Ken asked her, "What? What is it?
Is something wrong?"
Kumiko sighed as she leaned back on the chair and
explained, "It just doesn't feel right killing you now, not after what
we did together. I guess the orgasms I had last night are affecting
my ability to think; I never had one before."
"Never? Then you were a virgin too?" Somehow a virgin
demon struck Ken as very strange, though he guessed it was
possible. Too much ecchi anime clouded his judgment.
The demon-girl shook her head. "Nope, I've had sex
before, but never with a human. When I was still incorporeal, I
thought sex would be fun, but when I finally became corporeal and
was able to experience it... sex was kinda boring actually." Then
Kumiko's eyes suddenly lit up as she grinned and told him, "But
sex with you was really, really fun! You were very enthusiastic!"
Ken had to fight hard to keep his ego from swelling to fill
up the room. Having a woman tell you that you're good in bed is
one thing, having a sexy demon-girl say it was something else.
"Uh, thank you, but it could just be the fact that I'm a
human and not a demon. Maybe demons don't have the same drive
for sex since they don't procreate... at least I think they don't," Ken
reasoned, not adding that the reason he had been so enthusiastic
was he thought it would be his last act before dying, and never
having done particularly well at anything before, wanted to give it
everything he had.
"Well, that's part of it," Kumiko admitted, adopting a
lecturing tone that reminded Ken of a female teacher when she had
explained all the reasons why she couldn't date him. "When a two
humans experience an orgasm, they each release a tiny part of their
souls. If the conditions are right, those two tiny pieces will act like
a magnet to attract a free soul and create a new human. There's a
lot of icky biological stuff too, but that's not important now. So
when you gave that little piece to me, I was able to add it to myself.
It was really energizing!"
Ken's newly bloated ego suddenly deflated to half it's
normal size. Any human would have done after all; he was still
nothing special.
"So I was wondering what to do with you now," Kumiko
continued, oblivious to Ken's mental anguish. "I can't just kill you,
it wouldn't feel... right, but you still belong to me..."
"You could just let me go and find someone else's soul to
consume," Ken suggested hopefully, trying for his best smile,
which probably wasn't so good, he reflected, as it had been turned
down so many times.
Kumiko shook her head. "Wouldn't work. Watch."
The demon-girl slipped off the chair and walked to the
other end of the room. Before she got there, however, a chain
suddenly materialized connected to a studded leather bracelet
around her wrist, leading all the way to the collar that was now
around Ken's neck. This tugged him right out of bed to land
painfully on the cold wooden floor.
"What is this?" he asked her, puzzled, as he tugged on the
very real-feeling metal chain, though like the silver buttons on
Kumiko's outfit, seem to reflect unseen fires. He had thought she
was doing it to keep him from escaping, but apparently that wasn't
the case.
"It's the manifestation of the bond between us," Kumiko
said with a smile as she walked over and gently picked him up off
the floor, the chain vanishing.
He couldn't help noticing how effortlessly she handled his
weight, even with her extreme closeness to distract him from such
thoughts. With his head resting on her bare breasts, Ken watched
her dark red lips form the words as she looked down and spoke to
him at just above a whisper.
"So that your soul goes directly to me when you die and not
to heaven or Hell, I was given the power to bind your soul to mine.
If you look in a mirror, you can see my mark on the back of your
neck," the demon-girl explained as she laid him on the bed, sitting
close by.
Ken raced into the bathroom and peered at the mark
closely, blinking many times in surprise. He had expecting some
demonic-looking tattoo with flickering flames or something, but
instead it was a super-deformed drawing of Kumiko in a victory
pose. He groaned, nearly banging his head on the sink. "This is
your mark!?"
"Yeah!" Kumiko exclaimed as she imitated the pose, which
was very distracting for Ken as she was sticking her chest out
while still completely naked. He couldn't help wonder if a real
woman's chest bounced around that much, trying his best not to
think of Kumiko's anatomy and failing badly.
The much-put-upon college student sighed and decided that
since he was in the bathroom already, he might as well get ready
for school. He had an early class that day and the teacher was a
stickler for tardiness. Being his worst class, he couldn't afford to
miss any of it.
Kumiko still staring at him from the doorway, her large bat
wings just barely fitting, was more than a bit distracting though as
he began to wash himself. "Could you wait in the other room? I'll
only be a minute."
The demon-girl shook her head and made a tug-tug gesture.
Ken got the point as he could swear he felt being pulled in her
direction even though the chain and collar hadn't materialized.
"Uh, could you just look away then?" he asked nervously.
"Why?" Kumiko asked in confusion with an undertone of
irritation. "I still need to figure out what to do with you!"
Ken couldn't really explain why. He hadn't worried about
his nakedness around her before, especially not after having sex,
but for some reason he felt extremely embarrassed to have her
watching him as he cleaned himself up. Something about it made
him feel vulnerable, so he turned his back to her and did his best to
pretend she wasn't there.
"I know!" Kumiko suddenly shouted in glee as Ken felt two
very strong arms squeeze him from behind and two soft mounds
press into his back. "I'll just make you my sex slave and then I'll
have a whole year to decide what to do! Hell was getting kinda
dull anyway. I could use a little vacation."
"Sex... slave?" Ken repeated slowly after overcoming the
initial shock. It was certainly better than dying, a lot better when
her thought of how much he had enjoyed sex with Kumiko. Still,
becoming the slave of a demon wasn't exactly his idea of an ideal
life. There was the fact that linked to her the way her was, he had
even less chance of dating a human woman than before. Also,
when Kumiko got used to orgasms, she'd probably kill him
"Yeah!" Kumiko enthused, oblivious to his distress as she
unintentionally gave him the soap girl treatment, rocking back and
forth as her body was still pressed closely to his. "If we just keep
having sex all the time, I'll get little bits of your soul and it'll be
enough to last me for at least a year. I'm sure I'll be able to decide
what to do with you by then."
As Ken leaned back into her embrace, the same frantic
portion of his mind that came up with all those escape plans before
started telling him all the reasons that giving into what Kumiko
wanted would be a good thing. "No!" he yelled suddenly, dousing
himself with very cold water in order to cool down his raging
hormones, accidentally splashing Kumiko in the process.
Ken tried to distance himself from her so he could at least
try to think about this rationally, but in his haste hadn't considered
how slippery he'd just made the floor and stumbled, landing hard
right on top of Kumiko, nearly knocking the breath out of him
though she didn't seem to mind.
In fact, the demon-girl was grinning up at him as she said,
"My my, so eager... I like that!" Before Ken could blink, her
forked tongue was in his mouth again as her hands explored his
body. Almost instinctively, one of his hands reached out to caress
her long blue hair as the other trailed down her side...
"No!" Ken shouted again as he broke form her embrace
before her slender legs could wrap around him, being careful of his
footing the time. He had to start to resist her temptation if he ever
hoped to get out of this alive. He knew that giving into what a
demon wanted had to be bad.
Kumiko's eyes narrowed as she looked up at him, her
mouth a thin line disturbed only by her sharp fangs. For the first
time since he'd met her, she actually looked demonic. "Bad slave,"
she said in a flat tone as she gestured to him. Suddenly, the collar
was around his neck again and she tugged hard on the attached
chain, bringing him to his knees.
Ken looked up with a little fear to see Kumiko frowning
down at him. She was back in her dominatrix outfit and twirled a
long whip that resembled a long and slender lizard's tail in her free
hand. "I guess I must teach you how to behave," she told him, her
voice filled with ice.
"Wait! Don't!" Ken shouted as he struggled to think of
what he had done to make her so upset. "I just have an early class I
can't be late for. I'll do whatever you want afterwards! Anything at
all! I promise!"
"Well, okay then," Kumiko said in a cheerful tone, patting
him on the head as the chain and collar vanished. "I guess I can
wait a little while longer, but don't forget you're _my_ slave now
and you have to do what I say, okay?"
"Yes... mistress," Ken replied a bit hesitantly, remembering
an S&M anime he'd seen once, though most of his hesitation came
from what had happened to the slave. He really hoped this demon-
girl wouldn't put him through that.
"No! Call me Kumiko!" she told him with a grin as she
picked him up and set him on his feet again.
"Yes, Kumiko," he said with a small sigh of relief as she
seemed to have returned to her 'normal' self, though he couldn't
think of anything about her that could be described as normal.
"Now that's a good slave," Kumiko told him as she slipped
her arms around his waist and gathered him up into a gentle hug.
Ken didn't like the confusion of emotions that this brought
up in him. There was a warm feeling that was more than just body
heat, but remembering her cold eyes from before chilled him.
"Kumiko? I really got to get going if I don't want to be late for
"Okay," she said with a small laugh as she released him and
followed close behind as he went back into the main room of his
apartment. It was a little weird having her look over his shoulder
as he dug around in his closet and got himself dressed, but he
managed to tune her out for the most part.
That was when his stomach loudly made itself known,
indicating its current state of depletion. There wasn't time for a
real breakfast though; he would be lucky to be on time for class as
it was. He opened up his cabinets in search of a quick fix, only to
find them depressingly empty. For some reason he had forgotten to
make his weekly journey to the supermarket and he didn't even
have time for the single box of cup ramen that seemed to be the
only remaining source of instant nourishment.
The refrigerator was also largely vacant, but there was a
half-filled carton of orange juice that his parents had brought
during their last visit. Why they brought orange juice from Hawaii
he'd never know. Checking the expiration date, he smiled to
himself as his luck seemed to improving. It only would expire
Ken located two mostly clean classes and poured out
orange juice for Kumiko and himself, handing the demon-girl a
glass as he took a sip of his own. Immediately, Ken made a face
and really wished that he had the time to brew some tea. He didn't
know how his parents could drink the stuff, but he managed to
down the rest of the juice, pulp and all, and quickly washed the
glass to avoid attracting insect invaders.
Kumiko only stared at the glass that Ken had handed her,
holding it up to the light to watch the little floaty bits swimming
around in the orange-colored liquid. She started to giggle as she
observed them swimming about without a care in the world.
Metaphorically, of course, as Kumiko could tell that while animate,
these bits weren't actually alive.
"It's orange juice," Ken explained, puzzled by the way the
demon-girl was studying her glass so intently. "You drink it for
breakfast, I think. Do demons need to eat and drink, or does
stealing souls give them all that they need?"
Kumiko didn't seem to notice the undertone of bitterness in
Ken's voice as she turned to look at him and said, "I've never had to
eat or drink, but I suppose I can..."
The demon-girl trailed off as she closed her eyes and
brought the mouth of the glass to her lips and tipped it back,
swallowing all the juice in one big gulp. For nearly a minute she
simply stood there with her eyes closed, not making a sound.
"Are you all right, Kumiko?" Ken asked her with a trace of
worry, reaching out to shake her shoulder.
Before he could touch her, however, Kumiko's eyes popped
open, and with a big smile on her lips she declared, "Yummy!
Human food is good! Do you have any more?"
With a sigh, Ken went back to the fridge and handed
Kumiko the orange juice container. Ripping it open, the demon-
girl knocked back the rest of the juice in seconds, swallowing
noisily as some of the juice dribbled down her chin, and ending
with a loud burp.
Kumiko wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and
said, "Ah, that was tasty! At least I think so, I've never tasted
things before. It's going to be fun sampling all kinds of human
"Does that mean you get energy from eating and drinking?
Could you live off of food like a human instead of consuming
someone's soul?" Ken asked hopefully.
"Nope!" Kumiko replied, still grinning. "I only get energy
from human souls; food doesn't have the right sort of soul that I
can use. I suppose that I could kill a human and eat him, but that
sounds yucky to me." The demon-girl made a face similar to Ken's
after sipping the orange juice, though he thought there was a world
of difference between the two.
Another quick glance at the clock and a muttered curse,
Ken gathered up his books and made himself ready for class.
However, he couldn't help noticing that Kumiko was still by his
side as he approached the door.
"They don't allow observers in my class, so you have to stay
here..." he started to say, trailing off when he remembered what
would happen if they were more than a few feet apart. "Damn, you
can't, can you? Isn't there some way you can stop our connection
from working temporarily?"
Kumiko shook her head. "Nope, there's no way I know of.
But what does it matter? It'll be more fun if I come with you!"
*As if my reputation at school wasn't bad enough already,*
Ken thought with a small frown. He was already known as Ken
"no date" Iwakami around campus, the last thing he needed was to
be seen with a demon-girl haunting his footsteps. Everyone would
know that he really was cursed and stay well away from him,
fearing the curse would rub off on them.
"I don't think it's a good idea if you were seen in public. I
doubt whoever is in charge of demons wants it known that you
actually exist."
"Oh, is that all?" Kumiko asked with a giggle as she twirled
around quickly, her whole body becoming a blur. When she
stopped, her wings and fangs had vanished while her red eyes had
turned the same shade of blue as her hair. Her pale skin and aqua-
colored hair was still a bit unusual, but she'd hardly be accused of
being a demon now. Kumiko posed and winked. "Well, how do
you like it?"
"You look great," Ken admitted in a soft voice as her now
human appearance and sexy pose were making him feel a bit light-
headed. "But... most humans don't go out in public dressed like
that, and I'd rather not attract too much attention."
Kumiko looked down at her dominatrix outfit and agreed,
"I guess you're right. When I was watching you, I only saw one
other woman dressed like this and she was... How do you want me
to dress?"
Ken went over to his shelf stuffed with manga and started
to pull out titles at random. The titles he pulled first were all
hentai for some reason and he didn't feel like flipping through
those at the moment. Finally, he found a nice shojo manga and
leafed through to find a woman casually dressed in a T-shirt and
jeans, her long hair tied back into a pony-tail.
"Like this," Ken told the demon-girl, handing her the
manga as he dug around in his dresser. "I think you could wear
some of my clothes. They'd be a little big, but--"
Ken was interrupted by a tap on the shoulder. He turned
around to find Kumiko now dressed in a T-shirt and jeans with her
hair tied back. The clothes she had chosen were a little tight on her
though; actually, they looked painted on which made it painfully
clear that there was something that she wasn't wearing. "How's
this?" she asked with a smile.
Deciding that being as tactful as possible was the best thing
for him at the moment, Ken told her, "Ah, that's good, but I think
you should make them a little bigger so that they're not so tight.
The way you are now just isn't... fashionable. You should also be
wearing underwear."
"Underwear?" she repeating, blinking at him in confusion.
The hentai manga came in useful after all, as he found just
what he was looking for on the cover of one. Ken handed Kumiko
an issue with a girl posing in her bra and panties on the front while
he explained, "What she's wearing there. Women wear those under
their clothes."
"But why?" Kumiko asked as she stretched and bounced a
bit, smiling the whole time. "I'm very comfortable like this!"
"It's a... cultural thing," Ken explained one he had regained
the power of speech. "You have to dress like this if you don't want
to stick out and look bad. Please?"
"Anything for my sex slave," she said with a straight face as
she twirled again and was now dressed in suitably baggy T-shirt
and jeans. Ken couldn't tell if she was also wearing underwear or
not, but decided that it didn't matter.
"Can we go now?" Kumiko asked eagerly. "I just watched
humans on Earth for the first time this week and I really want to
experience some of the stuff I saw first-hand!"
The demon-girl's enthusiasm was infectious. Ken really
wanted to show her what the life of a human was like, even a
boring one like his. Looking her over, he decided that she could
pass for a human pretty well now. "Sure, I've just got to think of a
way to smuggle you into class. Maybe if I sat in the back and..."
"Wouldn't it just be easier if I was enrolled at your college
and took all the same classes you did?" Kumiko asked.
"Well, sure... can you do that?"
"I can't, but I have a friend who can," the demon-girl told
him as the tip of one of her fingers began to glow with a soft red
light. She used this to trace a figure in the air, leaving fiery trails
that formed into a pentagram.
Kumiko stood back from it an spoke in a formal tone,
"Takashi, Demon of Information, I invoke thee!" Then she clapped
her hands together with an echo like the rumble of thunder.
Ken fell back in surprise as a huge gout of flame suddenly
poured from the pentagram the demon-girl had made. Thankfully,
this quickly extinguished itself, and in its place was the image of a
young boy with two small horns on his head.
"Kumi-chan!" the boy shouted in delight as he noticed the
demon-girl before him.
"Taka-kun!" Kumiko said in the same tone with a big grin.
*Is this shrimp her boyfriend?* Ken thought, feeling the
surge of some dark emotion that he couldn't place. As he was
standing behind her, the demon-girl failed to notice his discomfort.
"Why are you still in the human world?" the pint-sized
demon asked her. "I would think that consuming some loser's soul
wouldn't take that long."
"Hey!" Ken shouted at the demon with some anger. He
might be a guy with no skills, no direction, and no real friends, but
he didn't need every strange demon in Hell pointing it out.
Takashi took note of Ken for the first time, studying him
with an intense look that didn't fit his pre-adolescent body.
"Shouldn't you be dead?" he finally asked in irritation.
"That's all... a bit complicated, Taka-kun," Kumiko began
to explain with a faint blush of embarrassment. "Actually, that's
the reason I contacted you. I'm going to be staying in the human
world for a while and I need you to get me enrolled at a local
Takashi seemed to forget all about Ken as he returned his
focus back to Kumiko. "Anything for you, Kumi-chan. You'll also
need birth records and other residential information logged with
the local government there. Just give me a list of classes and
where you'll be staying. I'll do the rest."
Ken was confused for a moment as the two demons stared
at him expectantly, then he blinked and dug around in his school
things, pulling out a torn and food-stained copy of his schedule,
which also listed his current address. He handed this to Kumiko
and blinked in surprise when Takashi leaned out of the image to
take it from her.
The diminutive demon looked over the sheet with disdain,
as if he feared catching some disease simply by touching it.
"You're going to be staying with this... human?" he asked, his tone
making it clear what he thought of the idea even if his words didn't.
"Yep!" Kumiko answered cheerfully, not perceiving her
fellow demon's disapproval.
Takashi sighed in a dramatic fashion and said, "Well, I'm a
demon of information, not judgment, so it's not my place to
question your decision... I should have this all set a few minutes
after I'm done talking to you. The usual fee, of course."
"Sure!" Kumiko agreed. "I should have plenty for you by
the end of the day. Bye-bye, Taka-kun!"
Takashi smiled as his image began to waver and fade away.
"Good-bye, Kumi-chan."
Kumiko turned to face Ken, grinning from ear to ear. He
noticed that while she didn't have fangs anymore, her canines were
a bit more prominent than a normal human, making her look mildly
cat-like. "See? Everything is all set. Can we go now?"
"Um, what did he mean by fee?" Ken asked, wondering
what a demon could charge another demon for. They didn't have
money or anything like that, did they?
"Gossip!" Kumiko told him with a small giggle. "Taka-kun
is mostly an administrative demon so he's usually stuck in a stuffy
office. I'm a demon of observance so I knew most of the big things
that were going on in Hell. I've been trading gossip for small
favors for years now, though I suppose he'll want to know about
the human world too."
"Okay, just don't talk to him about... you know," Ken said,
blushing in embarrassment.
"Talk to him about what?" Kumiko asked, blinking in
"You know," Ken tried to expand, his blush deepening,
"what we did last night... together, that stuff... us."
"You about you being my sex slave?" she prompted, still
"Yes, exactly. No talking about me being your se... your
slave, please?" Ken added hopefully, realizing that after what
happened in the bathroom, it wasn't a good idea to try and insist on
anything. However, he wanted to limit being a laughing stock to
his college and not the whole of the underworld as well, if
"Well, okay," Kumiko said reluctantly as she suddenly
threw her arms around him. "But I really want to tell people how
great you are in bed! You should be proud!"
"I am proud," he told her as he carefully hugged her back,
not sounding very much like he believed it. "Humans don't talk
about this sort of thing in public, it's not... something we do. So
let's just keep this between you and me, okay?"
Ken was sure that if Kumiko was linked to some other guy,
it would have been just as good if not better than he was. It was
his first time, and while he'd watched a lot of videos and studied
manga on the subject, he hardly considered himself an expert on
sex. He'd just gone with his instincts and done whatever he felt
was right.
Kumiko giggled again as she rubbed against his cheek with
her own, though Ken was much more aware of other parts of her
body that were currently rubbing against him. "Sure, if that's the
way humans do things, though it seems kind of strange to me to
keep secrets like that. So... would you like to add to our little
secret now?"
For some reason, Ken was finding it impossible to feel his
earlier urgency. "Um... what time is it?" he asked, thinking that it
wouldn't take all that long, and he lived right next to the college...
but catching sight of the clock immediately changed his mind.
"Argh! It's that late already?!" Ken shouted, startled,
grabbing his book bag in one hand and Kumiko's hand in the other
as he dashed for the door. "If I run all the way to class, I just might
make it on time!"
Kumiko didn't seem at all upset by the sudden change of
mood. "Lead on, Ken-chan!" she shouted with glee as she
followed close behind.