Stolen Life

A poem

A shadow blends

A candle burns

Will all life end?

Or will revulsion churn

Will she find a better day?

Or one last chance

She must have her way

Before the sands

Slip away

Life may be gone

If this she can't derive

He must run

To stay alive

She might be done

He won't leave her side

In crimson light

If it takes a thousand lives

They will reunite

Lost in rhyme

Of death and love

Will there be a time

For him to speak of

Love of kind, loathe of crime

Or will the world lock in haze

Darkness fallen

Rise of the betrayed

Life and loss

Love and hate

Star or cross

Who decides their fate?

No one can

They can breathe in mendacity

Or die in right

Is such simplicity?

To stand and fight

The reality

No matter what, they will reunite.