Yes, dear friend,

I hear you tapping on the window, bidding me to come play,

But, understand, dear friend,

With my mother as prison guard, here I must stay.

Dear friend, I hear your tap of annoyance

"We won't get caught," you say...

But please, dear friend,

Let's just wait for another day.

...Yes, of course you have convinced me,

As you always do-

Dear friend, hear I come,

I'm coming to play with you.

Let's dance in the wet grass, let's let our spirits fly!

No, I don't care if my mom notices

That I'm no longer dry.

Let's dance, and dance, and spin until we fall,

And look up to the paper-white sky!

Become one with the wind and grass...together let's try!

Oh, dear friend,

I can't stop laughing-oh, how much fun!

But, dear friend,

The clouds part with the coming of the sun.

I've done this before,

To watch my one true friend depart, tears brimming in my eyes-

I feel a different wetness on my cheeks

As I start to cry.

But, I'll brush away the tears and force a smile,

While waving sorrowfully goodbye,

To you, my dear friend,

...The rain...

Until next we meet, farewell...