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Songwind stood on the very ledge she had been on, right before crossing the lip of the canyon and getting her first view of the valley of the Jeweled Dragons, and gazed out over the land. She looked down at her hand, she had discovered that, having been human for so long, she could return to her human form when she wished. The wind whipped coppery locks of hair around her face and the sunlight rippled across her clothes and hair like light on red gold scales.

Two weeks had passed since the battle and the clan had settled back into its long abandoned home. They had welcomed her gladly and made her feel.like she belonged with them. She had never actually belonged in that village so far away, and now she knew why. It wasn't that she hadn't liked living with the Coopers, it was that it hadn't been her place, she had always been a stranger in her heart.

But now, looking over what seemed to be an endless expanse of fields and forests, she knew she had found what she'd been searching for all her life, even if she hadn't been consciously aware of it. It was the place that had been buried in lost memories but always in the back of her mind.in her heart. A part of her being that she had forgotten so long ago.

But although silent tears trickled down her cheeks for the mother she had lost, a deep and almost unbearable joy filled her-she was home.

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