A Haunting

Created and written by Daniella Wisdom

 A poem of the inner-workings of the mind of a psychic—particularly my own mind…


They're all around me, all the time—men and women, the fallen angels of God almighty. Dancing and twirling and singing around in a translucent world, where they suffer no longer. Where the departed lie down to rest. They speak to me in hushed voices and whispers only I can hear, ghosting my hair with long-finger hands I can't see, but feel instead.   

Eyes tightly shut, I sense their presence with an open mind. Their memories, good and bad, flood my mind as they pass me, their cool skin gently brushing mine with a casual smile. I see all, I hear all, and I feel all. I know all. Every memory they give me is new and subtle, like a gentle kiss on the lips from a dearly loved one.

Like my Great Grandmother Gladys. She's been gone for so many years, but she's around me all the time…always around to tracing her fingertips lightly down my cheekbone, or to softly whisper in my ear. Or, unfortunately, give me a smack across the back of the head for looking at porn on the Internet…and Adam, and Linda, the spirits that inhabit my home—even though I never knew either of them in life, they've become a large part of my life, whether they like it or not.   

My mind is always open to what the spirits around me have to say; warnings, secrets, lies, and even dirty jokes. The word of the good is always positive, but there are other souls that occupy the other side…daemons, the fallen evil, and the evil that inhabits human beings? They've attacked me on occasion; more often, in the form of a man than daemon. I sometimes see people with fangs protruding from their mouths…

But I've natured my powers, and given them the ability to grow, to the point that the evil of that populate the world is a fleeting memory to me—because I'm now strong enough to cut them out entirely. Some people could call these abilities I have a 'curse,' or a 'burden' a girl like myself wouldn't have neither the maturity nor skill to shoulder. The dead do haunt, but I've learned to deal with it…I was born with this ability; it wasn't a choice, or an idea I latched on to. I think it's better to have it, rather than push it away—do you know why?

Mortality is a momentary stage of life, and is too precious to waste worrying about losing about losing it too soon. It all ends sooner or later, and even though I do wish it were more of a later thing, at least I don't have to be afraid of dying. Because there's something to look forward to when this stage is done with, something better than this…where your troubles slip away, and you'll never have to suffer again. I'm not sure whether it's heaven or hell…but I rest assured knowing that when I do die, and leave my physical body, that there will be someone there to welcome me home.  


[PS! Yeeeeess…I'm really psychic, since I was really little…I jus' wanted to deal with it in a tangible matter, an' get the word out 'bout it, ok?]