Venerable Rock
by Hida Tsuzua

Venerable rock, what have you seen over the long ages?
Bore motherless from the great forces of Earth where no man sees,
At birth entombed with gold, and gems worthy of kings,
Along with kin never hearing the birds sing,
Did anything disturb your primordial sleep?

Venerable rock, Nature deemed you fit to rise,
To see the Sun, to feel air, to be embraced by rain,
The elements comforting but consuming,
Kith and kin lost to the ravages of Time and her servants,
Of whom do you still grieve for?

Venerable rock, you saw and were seen by beasts, and plants
Free to move, to breathe, to grow, to live,
But even the great oaks are ultimately ephemeral to you,
As soon as they come, they go, meals to Time, replaced once again
Are they anything to you?

Venerable rock, I must ask you a question,
Would you wish to return to the depth of the Earth?
From which you were birthed into this world,
Or rather, stay up here with the transient,
Nevertheless, ultimately doomed to suffer the same fate?

Author's Notes: Well technically I'm not the author--this is the poem of a friend of mine, and he asked me to post it for him. Wonderful work, though, don't you think? ^_^ Anyways, be sure to review so I can send him your comments! ~MJ