A/N Um.....there's next to nothing to say about this poem... if you really can't handle depressing scenes, I suggest you do not go on. And these quotes are all mine.

My world's collapsing

And as the walls fall

I'm left feeling nothing at all

The intense sadness

The constant pain

And with it comes the never-ending rain

The sun hides

The rain comes in sheets

In heavy and steady beats

Without the soul

Without the heart

My world's left, without its biggest part.

I still feel empty

My own heart gives a feeble flip-flop

As the eternal rain continues with its drab drip-drop

I try and spread the wings

They are cracked and bleeding

The blood is never receding

The wings give another flap

The wings finally give one last CRACK

I feel the excruciating pain in my back

I stare at the reflection

Pools of brown stare at me

Those wings I do not see

I manage a sob

For I cannot hold out on crying

And my chore sets in: of dying

I can see no reason to go on

I can no longer fly

I'll only be faced with misery and will forever cry

How can I continue

Without looking back

And feel all my misery stuffed into the paper sack

"Look to the future

End the torture

You'll be happy again for sure.

Don't look back

Stop reliving memories of days gone by

Stop forcing yourself to cry

The only way you can move on

Is if you start to heal

Your joy and hope will be the seal

To end your misery

End the pain

End the rain."

I try and listen

Try and repair the wings

That have took so many beatings

But all the glue

And tape

Would never put them back into shape

I'm out of tape and glue

So I'll try and make something new

Wings built of something strong and true

I'll build my wings of beauty

Of memories when the sun came to play

And I can start another day

"Look back at the past

Live in the present

And look for the future."

If I'm lucky

These wings will be the best

They will be my test

To see if I can rebuild

The ruin

Into something beautiful- and soon

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