By Carter Tachikawa

(Yay, another weird poem! Forgive me, I haven't done many of these in a while. I've been busy with my fanfiction again. Kind of depressing and whatnot. Gets little more positive towards the end. If it's not up to par, I'm sorry. I told you, I haven't worked on my originals in a while.)

The ones I love have let me down
Cause their words bite each other
And I hate to hear the sounds
Reality slaps me, knocks me out
Dizzy and blurred, eyes watered
Snapped in half and dying
Look at me, I'm broken now!

Buried in my own depression
Choking on sobs and silence
I'm nothing more than a child
Drowning in this sea called society
No one holding out a hand
No one jumping in to save me
Sinking cause I never learned to swim

I used to have sugar coated dreams
Of yellow butterflies flying in strange gardens
Teal waves of the oceans touched the land
Never, ever did they retreat or trace steps
Back to where they started. Oh no.
The birds cawing, their voice snapping
Cracking through the stillness like a whip

Dreams done with, I have woken up
Opened my eyes to find a brutal reality
They *still* scream as if walls don't exist
That the people below can't hear them shout
Stinging one another with unwanted hatred
And I'm sitting here, wishing to myself
Wanting to slip into the dark, then fade away

I lost my beliefs in that raging tornado
Spinning around and torn into meaningless shreds
They're gone forever, become one with nothing
No longer able to turn to those I should trust
I come to you, cross the road like it was a desert
On my hands and knees, sweat and tears mixed up
Tired of anger, I want you to show me something else

Take me back to my candy-sweet dreams
Push a little hope in me, make it run in my blood
Wash and untangle the knots tied in my hair
Blow your mint-flavored air right into my mouth
Hold me and sculpt me back into an innocent child
Love me cause I'm sick of hearing bitter words
Snap my puzzle pieces back into the right places

Love has let me down
Broken the flimsy wall I had built around me
Snapped like a twig, I'm on the ground
From whole to pieces in seconds
Pieces that should be thrown with the trash
Become nothing but yesterday's news
Yet you're leaning down and picking me up

Hold my pieces apart, I watch in amazement
As you try to put that snapped twig back together
Though you know you will not succeed
You still try for me

(AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Can we say lengthy?! Ugh, I hate the way this flows! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry for all who adore poems with that lovely flow that you had to put up with my funky, long no flow whatsoever poem. Anyway, if you've made it to the end, please leave a review. Criticizing me and my weirdness is fine. Flames are not. You don't have to like me but don't disrespect me or my work. Thanks.)