Oh Hingham, why must you thrive?
On hurtful words
And vicious looks?

Why must your people be wealthy?
Or try their best to be?

Has everyone been corrupted by your hurtful might?
Or has everyone refused to fight?

Why do they laugh and point their gazes?
Toward the people with friendly faces?

Why must you stare?
Is it something wrong with my hair?

I'm dressed just as you,
Yet I am so different.

Not really an outcast for there are others
Who feel the same about your evil schemes

They will fight,
Fight against you, who have wronged so many

We do not agree with your meaningless banter
Of how much the same you all are.

Instead we laugh at your similarities,
There is much laughing, to be had

Do not mock the people who are different
For they are the most interesting people you can and will find.