Authors note: - Real quick short story, not much to it really. Not much to say other than that poor teacher. Blah!

Parent Teacher Night

Parents mingled about the glass room, some in pairs others by them selves. Many sipped at the complimentary orange drink that came in a small cup. Art work and projects created by the students decorated the walls. The chalk board was a pale green from all the years of chalk being rubbed into it and the room smelled of crayons and cookies.

The teacher was a small attractive twenty seven year old woman; she flitted about talking to each parent with a large happy smile. The atmosphere was casual and relaxed; it was just a night for parents and teachers to talk about the progress of the children.

In the midst of corporate dress a pair of parents stood out in stark contrast. The husband wore a full length leather coat, black silk pants with matching dress shirt and tie. His hair was very long and pure black; even though it was night and they were indoors he still wore sunglasses.

The wife was wearing a knee length black dress and black high heels; the only makeup she appeared to be wearing was bright red lipstick that seemed all the more brilliant against her milk white skin. Her pure black hair was soft and loose, only about shoulder length. It seemed as if she was ready for a night on the town.

Mrs. Singleton moved towards the odd pair with her ever present smile. "Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Anon! It's nice to see you here tonight." She extended a small hand towards the man first.

He looked down at her hand as if he didn't really want to touch it but reluctantly shook her hand. "It's Valencia."

The teachers smile faded and she looked puzzled. "I don't understand…"

"My surname is Valencia, hers is Anon." He pointed towards the woman beside him.

"Oh… I'm sorry." Her smile returned and she looked to dark and lovely woman. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you both. I've only talked to you over the phone Mrs. Anon and I've been curious to meet you." Mrs. Singleton extended her hand.

"Please call me Nightshade." The woman said taking the offered hand and smiling cheerfully.

The teachers smile faltered yet again and she seemed unsure for a moment. "What a… interesting name." She said in a guarded voice.

Nightshade shrugged still smiling, as if unaware of the teacher's discomfort. "So, how have our kids been doing? Hopefully they haven't caused you too much trouble."

"Well, over all they are very good students but from time to time there has been some issues." She turned towards the desks and motioned to them. "How about we have a seat while we discuss their progress."

The pair silently sat down and the teacher selected a seat in front of them, turning the chair around so she could face them. She flipped through a file she'd been carrying around the whole night and pulled a sheet from it. "Lilly is a very good student. She's an excellent listener; works well in groups and has yet to cause any trouble at all. In fact she's never turned an assignment in late or missed one. I've never had to give her a grade below B once."

The man nodded slowly. "I thought as much, she does well in social situations."

Nightshade beamed with pride and said. "She is a smart little girl."

Mrs. Singleton nodded and pulled out another sheet of paper. "It says here that Morragon is also your child? Even though her last name is… Bane…" She lifted her gaze and looked between the parents before her.

"She's adopted." The man said coldly. "So how has she been doing?"

The teacher cleared her throat. "Well… She gets strait A's, and is very bright. Though… she has had a few problems, she has gotten into a few fights and often questions my authority."

"She's done that with every teacher. So don't feel too special." Mr. Valencia said while pulling a cigarette from his coat and lighting it up in one smooth motion.

"Sir, this is a school there is no smoking." Mrs. Singleton frowned at him darkly.

"No kids around and I'm not a student. Besides, I've seen you teachers light up right and left." He all but glared at her from behind his glasses.

She shifted uncomfortably and dropped it. "Where was I…? Oh yes Morragon." The teacher moved so she was facing Nightshade more. "I fear if she keeps acting the way she does she may get expelled from school. I've had to send her to the office more than once. Also, she carries a big book with her and reads it in every period and won't put it down when I tell her to. It's very frustrating."

"I'm sorry…" Nightshade said. "But honestly there is little you or I could do to get her to stop reading that book. It belonged to her father and it means a lot to her."

The teacher nodded slowly and ventured to ask. "What happened to her parents?"

"They were murdered." The man said bluntly.

"That's horrible!" Mrs. Singleton said horrified. "The poor dear…"

"It happens." Was Mr. Valencia's only reaction, his wife elbowed him and glared angrily.

Mrs. Singleton stared at him in shock for a moment before retreating back to her work. She withdrew yet another paper from her file and looked at it with a frown.

"Now onto Bella… She is a smart girl but seems to have little interest in school. She doesn't often turn in homework and rarely does what I say. Bella is even more disobedient than Morragon! I have tried my best with her but she's barely getting by with a C average." The teacher looked at both parents sadly.

Neither one seemed to know what to say, eventually Nightshade said softly. "I try to get her to do her homework but she says it's pointless and when I press the issue she just runs off to her father…" She looked at her husband darkly. "Who doesn't support me on the issue."

He shrugged. "Half of what is being taught here is pointless."

The teacher got an appalled expression. "Mr. Valencia how could you say that? School is very important! We teach them about life and give them the necessary foundation for collage and their eventual careers!"

The man stood up and headed towards the door. "I told you I shouldn't have come Nightshade." He snapped as he left shoving the door open and stalking off into the night.

She sighed and looked at the teacher. "I'm sorry, he never went to school so he doesn't really understand what it's like."

"How could he have never gone to school?" Mrs. Singleton asked with a very puzzled expression.

"He was home schooled." She replied.

"Oh…" The teacher looked unsure of what to say next.

Nightshade patted her on the arm comfortingly. "Don't let him bother you. He's just an ass."

"I'm sorry to be so rude but… Why do you stay married to him if you consider him to be an ass?" She said staring at Nightshade with a slight frown.

"It's simple. I love him and he loves my children. If it wasn't for him my life would be very different and far worse." She smiled broadly, looking very much like a woman in love.

"You didn't say he loves you." Mrs. Singleton said hesitantly.

"Maybe deep down he does but I'm not sure." For a moment Nightshade looked sad but she quickly smiled again.

"Perhaps Bella's misbehavior stems from her father and his bad attitude." The teacher said carefully.

"Oh I'm sure it does. She worships the ground he walks on and wants to be just like him. It worries me sometimes but there is little I can do about it." Nightshade said with a casual shrug.

She slowly stood and looked down at Mrs. Singleton. "Here's a word of advice. If Bella acts up just ask one of her sisters to help you keep her in line. That's your best weapon against her. She's a brat but usually does what her sisters tell her too, mainly because they'll come to me and Elwyn to give every little detail of her mischief."

Mrs. Singleton stood as well and extended her hand. "It was nice to meet you Mrs. Anon… I mean Nightshade."

Nightshade leaned forward and kissed her cheek. "Thanks for trying your hardest with our kids. I'm sure a lot of parents don't say this even though they should but, thanks."

She then turned and exited the room, heading off in search of her husband. Mrs. Singleton stood there for a while with a dazed expression. "Now I understand why those kids are so weird, their down right normal next to those two."

Mrs. Singleton touched her cheek and shook her head. She quickly went back to work, talking to the other far more normal parents with relish.