A Budding Friendship

When first my eyes thy beauty saw,
A simple wish I made,
For courage suffice to speak to you
And anxiety to fade.

My wish, however, ne'er was granted,
And my anxiety grew.
I felt for sure that I had naught
To offer unto you.

This changed upon the night in which
I saw my midnight bliss -
At last we talked and became friends
On a night such as this.

A wrong-felt hurt was quickly ended,
When you denied its start.
The hug we shared reminded me
How much it heals the heart.

A mem'ry shared moments later,
Which on film now is burned,
Ensures that now I'll ne'er forget thee,
Nor that which I've now learned.

Heather the fair, princess for the night,
My nervousness now parts,
And the joy of having you as a friend
Takes its place within my heart.