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In a Forgotten age, Where the imaginery was real and everything was worth taking a deeper look lived a Princess. For Many years the Good Kind Dalmonde had ruled Aeonin with Devotion and fidelity but eventually grew ill, leaving his grandaughter Eirinthe as his Heir. Orphaned at a young age, Eirinthe was rebellious but kindhearted and was ready to follow in her grandfathers footsteps and rule Aeonin with the same integrity. But between the years when Dalmonde's health first began to fail and Eirinthe becoming of age to rule, Her eldest Uncle had stepped in. When Eirinthe finally stepped up to her right of highest supremecy she was shocked to find that Aeonin was no longer the same. Carefully dodging her Controlling Grandmere and Sinister Uncle, the council leader, Eirinthe risks everything to go out among her people and find ways to help them, as well as try to discover her own Past. There she finds friends and discovers that she had made some major mistakes.without even knowing it.

Authors Note!!

Here is Eirinthe. My baby, I've written little stories before but not a BIG one like this. I have been working on this since November last year, it has come in little spurts, some lasting a long time some lasting a few days. I do plan on finishing this(and hopefully soon) so never give up hope that I will have posted another chapter when you least expect it. Also be warned that I tend to frequently go back and edit, A LOT. Sometimes adding more things, sometimes changing things. Hopefully when its all done itll be better than when I started it. Also please don't mind a few grammical errors, Im doing my best to fix them all but as I really am focusing more on finishing rather than editing, my priorities are set. I hope you enjoy reading Eirinthe as much as I like writing it. And please if u like it, if u hate it please review.

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