Authors Note: - This is twice as long as my normal flash fics but it's still too short to call a short story. I think it's very funny and it stars Seth, the really really messed up were-rat friend of David. If you have no idea who he is don't fret. He'll show up in Blue soon. BTW use your imagination :)


Long lines of people snaked around the massive building. Sitting beside each disgruntled figure was their luggage, nicely tagged with their name and address in case of a notorious baggage loss. Every one looked as if they had lost a great deal of precious sleep, even the employees. Children napped beside their parents who had managed to wrestle a place to sit, but many of the people were left standing.

The wane light of the morning sun filtered through the vaulted glass ceilings but seemed all the more weak with the lines of harsh fluorescent lights that hung down from the beams. A plane would occasionally slip through the sky overhead, giving some hope to the would be passengers that their plane would board soon. Cryptic messages echoed from the intercom, prompting the few who had the code to prepare for their departure.

Near the baggage claim and nestled between shops selling over priced wares was the metal detectors. The longest lines sprang from it, as people slowly trickled through the metal arch way after depositing their bags on the conveyer belt. A loud beep singled the presence of metal and stopped the line from progressing as the culprit ridded him or her self of the offending items and repeatedly passed through the detector yet again.

Few raised their grumbles of protest to a level that could be heard by the works but the dissent was expected. Down the row an unusual site stood out as he neared the beeping egress. His head was mostly absent of hair save three rows of spikes, colored respectively in blue and pink. Betwixt the vibrant crests were evenly spaced silver spikes piercing his skin. While his face was handsome its good looks were marred by numerous more metal protuberances. His lips were thrice pierced, all on the bottom, one in the middle and two others at each corner of his mouth. So too was his nose, each nostril with a small silver hoop and one like a bulls. Even his eyebrows and between his eyes were not spared, here there were seven in all, three on his left brow, two on his right and the rest in the middle. His ears were similarly adorned with rings of silver, so many it seemed strange that his ears managed to keep from drooping.

His dress did little to keep people from staring. It seemed not often that most saw a man in a fishnet shirt and leather pants. The shirt did nothing to hide the continues collection of rings and bolts that decorated his flesh. A whole row of rings extended down his back, each hoop between a vertebrate and bringing attention to his tattoo of black angel wings that extended over his whole back. Above the wings another row of silver hoops clutched his skin, four on each side.

Next he was up to head through the metal detector, as predicted by all gathered a loud beep rang out. He shrugged slightly at the woman working the machine. She frowned in irritation and pulled out the wand. She swept it over his body and it immediately went off as it passed over his groin and beeped continuously as it moved up his body. Reacting to the visible and none visible piercings.

"Sir, we can't ask you to remove your piercings due to sanitary issues so we'll have to ask you to step aside so we may search you." Her voice was small but strong.

He nodded casually. "Ok."

She took him by the arm and headed towards a locked room. One of the male employees came with them. Inside the room the woman looked up at the odd man and said. "Sir, you'll have to undress."

This time he smiled as he spoke offhandedly. "Ok."

The man pulled off his shirt and tossed it to a table near by. Before he went to unzip his pants he looked at the woman who was fighting back a blush.

"By the way my names Seth." He grinned more. "If you're going to see me naked you might as well know my name."

She cleared her throat. "I'm Ella now please continue."

Seth chuckled softly and unzipped his leather pants pushing them down to his knees. He wore no underwear and didn't seem to mind displaying him self to the pair in the room.

"Holy shit I didn't know you could pierce that! Doesn't it hurt?!" The male worker said in absolute shock.

This made Seth laugh loud and deeply. "Well seeing as how I have pierced it… several times over it is perfectly possible. And it only hurt when I got it. By now I don't even notice it."

Ella stared wide eyed at the multi-pierced and somewhat generous endowment before her and blushed a brilliant red.

"As you can each see I carry no weapons. Unless you count this to be one…" He motioned to his groin and its several bars and hoops. "So can I go now?"

"Why in god's name did you piece any of that!?" The still shocked worker gasped.

"Well, I like being different for one and…" His eyes twinkled with a dark amused look. "I like pain." Seth looked at Ella and smiled. It was nothing more than a smile but it forced her to look away.

"Shit man, you are screwed up." The man shook his head and motioned to him. "Put that thing away, your scaring Ella."

"I'm not scared." She said glaring at him. "It's not big deal."

"No big deal?" Seth said in a mock hurt voice. "So you think that… little of me?" He grinned again, and it suggested things that were best left unsaid in polite conversation.

"Just get dressed and get out of here." She said gruffly walking past him towards the door. His playful and somehow fondling laughed followed her out.

"How the hell do you do that?" The man asked Seth as he dressed.

"Do what?" He said with a smirk that said he knew exactly what the man meant.

"I get the feeling that full clothed you could make her blush like that. Let alone with that laugh of yours." The man opened the door for them as he spoke.

"It's really very simple. You be a man-ho." He grinned and disappeared into the airport terminal.