The year is 2160. The location is Earth. History as we know it did not happen the same way. All wars following the American Civil War did not happen. In 2051, a war - deadlier than all other wars combined - occurred. Three billion people died, every government collapsed, and the entire Northwestern Hemisphere was nuked.

History for this Earth was perfectly mirrored to our own until 1851, after the American Civil War. The Swiss government changed its non-aggression policy and slowly conquered most of the world. By 2020, the Swiss Union covered Europe, Africa, parts of Asia, and South America. The remaining part of Asia was controlled by the New Asian Imperium. North America and Australia were part of the United States of America.

Tensions between the Union, America, and the Imperium rose, until in 2051, a Swiss missile attack was directed at Washington, D.C., and Sydney. The conflict rose until the American government fell. The Union then focused on the Imperium, and conquered the Asian Empire.

When small factions combined forces against the Union, more casualties were suffered. The Union fell after many attacks. The Great War was over. Three billion people paid the price.

After several decades, the Northen Hemisphere was livable, and countries formed again. In 2150, the Earth Republic was established, and united most countries of Earth.

Now, humans have discovered space travel, and have gone farther than our solar system, now know as the Sol System. We have colonized many worlds, and met many species. But, this is only the beginning, for this is not a time of prosperity. Recently, crime lords began to control much of the government, but the world's first successful cybernetic technology has been activated in the form of Scott Ryker to bring order back to the Republic.

And now....PURE SOLDIER.