Poltergeist of Pain

Gaunt, cherubic faces stare with vacant eyes, unseeing
At the cracked plaster walls and dusty television screens.
Brittle hair remains unwashed and dull, fingers numbly feel for power.
Resolution formed inside corrupted minds.
Thirst ravishes them, but tongues stay dry.
Doctors beg and plead, trick and tease, trying to force
Cold, bitter mouths open
They are met with tears and scratches, bright red blood
Blossoming upon skin, staining bleached coats and stethoscopes
Sharp needles are inserted into sickly flesh, yellowish fat
Injected inside starving bodies
Howls of anguish pierce the dimly lit rooms, medicine suffocates
My senses
I do not belong here.

Dedicated to tarnished oversoul, because she is an inspirational writer.