Authors Notes: - Was this jump too much? I'm trying to get to the birth of the child so I can go into the details of what happens next.


Nightshade stared at the small white crib. It was just taller than her waist and padded all over. She'd already put sheets in it, they were white with yellow ducks on them. Elwyn's closet was already half taken over by tiny baby clothes, hanging from just as tiny hangers. She placed her hand over her belly, the baby was kicking again. At first she thought the fluttering was indigestions but as it got stronger she realized with growing joy that it was the child. Up until then she had been stressing over her health, wondering if the baby was doing ok. Now she had daily reminds of the life she was carrying inside her. Even Elwyn had become excited, in a rare moment of emotions his face had lit up when he felt the baby kicking. Every now and again he would come to her hand place his hands on her belly and smile in pleasure as he felt her wiggle and dance.

Even though she was overjoyed with how big her baby was becoming, she wasn't overjoyed with how big she was getting. Donovan, in one of his few visits, had informed her that she grew more beautiful as her belly expanded. That had helped her fell better, though she couldn't help but suspect he wasn't being completely honest. He was a business man. Venrick had been a great help. He would visit almost nightly, sometimes he'd read to the baby, on other occasions he'd bring his violin and play for her. When ever Elwyn had to leave for a few days because of a job Venrick would stay with her and make sure everything she needed was taken care of, though he could only help out during the night. For her day time needs during that time she'd get a dutiful visit from Nicholas.

"Nightshade?" She heard Elwyn call from the living room.

She turned away from the crib and stepped into the door way and looked to him. "Yeah?"

"I forgot to give you this last night when I got home..." He said opening up his large suitcase. "I bought it for you when I was in China."

"You did?" She was surprised; he rarely brought anything home with him. He motioned her over and she quickly went to his side.

"Turn around and close your eyes." He ordered.

Nightshade giggled slightly and turned around, putting her back to him and closing her eyes. She felt him moving behind him then his arms encircled her. Something cold settled on her chest and he tied a necklace into place behind her neck. She opened her eyes and looked down. Handing from a thing leather thong was a ring of brilliant green jade.

"It's beautiful!" She gasped.

"For now it's for you to wear." He place a hand on her belly gently. "Then she will wear it, it's a bangle for newborns. It's supposed to protect them from evil."

"I just love it." She whispered, cradling the cold stone in her hands.

"She'll be joining us soon." Elwyn remarked, reluctantly pulling his hand away and heading into the kitchen.

"Yeah... Ajit said it will only be one more month, if that."

"Do we have everything we need?" He asked as he brewed a pot of coffee.

"Yeah, and them some too." She chuckled and watched him with a smile. "Why do you think Donovan is so obsessed with helping us out? It's not like money is an issue."

"I have no clue and I'm not sure I want to know why." He answer, slowly shaking his head.

"Maybe he wasn't to be the god father?"

"Donovan? A god father?" Elwyn snorted and chuckled.

"You don't think he'd make a good god father?" She asked in shock.

"I just thought you'd name Venrick the god father. He's taking a more active interest in the baby." Elwyn shrugged and poured himself a cup.

"That is true..." She got a thinking look then nodded. "Alright then, it's deiced. He's the god father."

"I'm sure he'll be happy to hear that." He said into his cup as he walked into the living room.

"If it wasn't for him being blind he'd make a great babysitter." She mused with a smile.

"I'm sure he and Donovan can do it together." Elwyn shrugged again and absently rubbed her belly as he passed her on the way to the couch.

She smiled and didn't comment on the gesture, he probably wouldn't appreciate it being pointed out. When he sat down the joined him and snuggled into his side. Over the past few months his protests with her touching him had lessened. She assumed it was simply because of her advancing pregnancy. When they snuggled he would often rest his hand on her belly with his arm around her.

Garm climbed onto the couch and lay partially on top of Elwyn so that he could have his head near her lap, though part of her lap was occupied by her bulging belly. The both of them petted him absently as they sat, enjoying each others presence but not speaking of it.

*                      *                      *