How can I love someone ,
I don't even know ,
Is it possible ,
How do I know ?

I don't want to love you ,
If you don't love me too ,
What if you do ,
What if you don't ?

You see ,
I don't even know you ,
Yet I feel I do ,
Do you feel the same ?

Your gaze always drifts ,
Like cold blue sea ,
A sea I've traveled long ,
I'm scared for you .

You see ,
I've known you before ,
The way you are scares me ,
your diffrent .

It seems that I know you ,
Through this is the first time we've spoke ,
It's like we felt this way long ago ,
Maybe a thousand years ago .

Your ice cold stare drowns me ,
Youe always looking my way ,
It's strange the way you do ,
But not like you .

But still I let my gaze meet yours ,
Locked cold and hard ,
Strange unatural and unholy ,
To endure .

Yet your strong ,
Stronger than I'll ever be ,
But your sad ,
So very sad .

The saddness in your eyes ,
Drowns me ,
Like deep sea ,
So when I go under .

You grasp me ,
Hold me up ,
When all I want to do is go down ,
So I don't drown .