Dragon Spell

I think ,
Of the place of dread ,
Within my heart ,
So pure .

So deadly ,
But it's there ,
The dragon gone ,
That once had stood there .

I had paid my due to this land ,
The land of my brothers ,
The eagle and the hawk ,
I want things to be again .

Things have changed ,
Ever more ,
I try to sleep tonight ,
But it is only twilight .

My mind won't let go ,
Of the dragon it once knew ,
That dragon is gone ,
And so is the heart that substained it .

That heart is now cold and black ,
Like black summers rose ,
to tell of horrors ,
You have never known .

Nor will you ever know ,
To hear a child cry in the night ,
Without a mother to hold it ,
To watch it die in your sleep .

To find it's sun-baked body ,
Shwilviled ,
Dead ,
Nothing you can do .

But bury it ,
I faught a war but lost ,
In these dreams ,
I sleep .

In them I'm diffrent ,
Not young ,
Nor old ,
But who I am myself .

Quite bold ,
Without a age ,
A dragon's daughter ,
Who will be slain .

But things remain to be told ,
Maybe I shall whisper them to you ,
At a later time ,
But at last the dragon spell is over .