Rose Prick

Rose of the deepest fiery red ,
You gave me tonight ,
I twirl it in my hands ,
And I get a fright .

A throns prick in my side ,
A worrism chasm in my heart ,
A dragons soul ,
With a dragons fright .

I look up at you ,
You are smiling down at me ,
Your glassed eyes looking into my soul ,
You see my worry and you smile turns to a frown .

I don't know why I feel this ,
A sense of foreboding ,
A danger ,
A life gone .

I stare up at you ,
Your eyes worried ,
I let you hold me tighter ,
My tears go down .

To fall freely down my face ,
You let me stay like this ,
For what seems like forever ,
While I dampen the front of your shirt .

I'm scared for you tonight ,
Finally my tears stop ,
I pull away ,
A damp spot of your shirt I see .

The rose I dropped ,
To the ground ,
Falling from my hand ,
It floats like a feather in the air .

Slowly drifting to the ground ,
It withers there ,
In the air ,
Becoming dust like the land .

Ashes of the rose departs ,
Like silent flames of Lyr ,
You look at me ,
Silent as a shadow .

You whisper to me ,
I love you ,
You take me home ,
And say your goodbyes .

Little did I know on your way home ,
You died in a car wreck ,
When I woke ,
I knew for you were standing there in my room .