Battle Waves

Waves upon the shore ,
Full of blood ,
From the war ,
Permently stained red .

The battle having been ,
Very long ago ,
Was a deadly one ,
So many men lost their lives .

The war had been fought for power ,
And lies ,
The lies of a man ,
One man had caused so much .

He burned the villages ,
And killed the men ,
He took the women for slaves ,
Along with the baby boys .

The men who survived ,
These attacks ,
Tried to fight back ,
But they lost .

I've come face to face with that man ,
Only once ,
In a true state ,
Of evil .

I was little then ,
Now I understand ,
That the land will be won back ,
So very soon .

He is dying ,
Slowly painfully ,
His lips caked ,
And his body caked with blood .

It was I ,
Who killed him ,
I drove the sword ,
Through his gut .

I slashed him ,
Through the heart ,
You are evil ,
For your blood is black .

You used to trust me ,
But not now ,
For I have slain you ,
A great man .

But I a mere lass ,
For I am your daughter ,
And I am queen now ,
You have lost we have won .