Angel's Wings


Porcelain feathers glisten

Exuding a shimmering light

Silver and rose

With wisps of azure

Banish the dark of the night

Standing so tall

Facing all

Under the twilight sky

Skin so smooth yet fragile

Eyes of opal lined blue

Wrapped in marble

With billowing folds

Of a subtle amethyst hue

But I see just as clear

A crystallized tear

Right in the corner of your eye

A powerful guardian angel

Weeping away her distress

Before a mere mortal

Humble and lost

Plagued by her own loneliness

You seem to implore

Who suffers more?

Is it you or I?

I suppose I came here for comfort

For solace beneath your gaze

But how can you see

With your eyes so clouded

By tears of icy haze?

When speaking of life

Riddled with strife?

With sorrows that never die?

Do you even know how to suffer?

Do you know life's joy and pain?

Or have your eyes

Been cursed to close

Never to open again?

Do you even recall

Why your tears fall?

Or do you cry without knowing why?

Moonlight touches your wings

Bathing them in its glow

The sight is dazzling

Yet haunting for someone

Like me who knows only sorrow

The winds lightly push

With a gentle brush

Like the kiss of a butterfly

Yet still you stand in silence

Unmoved by the loving caress

The zephyrs beckon

But you remain

Completely motionless

Your eyes stare at me

And then I see

That angels' tears never lie…

Your radiant perfection is worthless

Your weeping is all in vain

For you are a mere

Creation of man

Of marble and porcelain

Trapped in your beauty

For all eternity

Is that why you cry?

Do you not regret sacrificing

The freedom with which you were blessed

For this striking beauty

But skin-deep glory

You begged for and now possess?

For that marble face

For the fluid grace

Of your wings which can never fly…?