People move on and leave us behind.....or just leave hurts, I know

-Left Behind-
I hated it when you would frown,
It made me upset
You'd laugh at me as I'd twirl in a gown...
I'd always ask you if I looked good, "its okay" was the only answer I would get

Couldn't you say more?

You know I tried to make you smile,
Instead of looking the other way..
I feel like im on trial..
I stare at you, then you turn away

Am I that ugly as you said I was? Weren't you just joking around?

I wanted to be your friend..
But others couldn't help but stare..
I didn't mean to offend..
Please, I did care..

Why did you go?

When I cursed at you,
Made comments like I usually do, because you did too
I did that a human thing....
What we put each other through


You're my friend, Or you used to be
Then you decided it was time to move on...
I thought you liked me..
Now that your gone..

It hurts

I remember we'd laugh, because we did things that were so dumb
I remember when it rained and your hair got ruined, you cried
But memories make me numb...
Something in me has died..

Is this what death feels like?

I never knew what I had..
Till it was taken away...
I didn't now the pain was that bad..
But couldn't you bare it and stay?

Couldn't you?

You know I loved you, Right?
I always did, And always will..
But I've lost the fight..
And the emptiness inside nothing can fill

Im so hallow

I feel like im only the past...
And not in your state of mind....
I hate that it couldn't last..
But it hurts..being left behind