*Sighs* alright I'll admit it.  I suck at writing fanfics.  So this one isn't gonna be a fanfic.  If you are in need of a laugh then please read.  These are just a few of some of the stupid things that I have done.  (maybe my friends too. (sorry Meredith, Heather, Nathan, and anybody else that I may put in here)) oh yeah and all of the chapters are gonna be really short, cuz each story is gonna be a chapter.  Well here ya go, and if u want another chapter the review!!  Thanx, ~Nilla

OK.  So once my friend Meredith and I were talking on the phone when suddenly an odd question popped into my brain and absolutely would not go away.  So I finally let the burning question leak out.

"Meredith," I started, "If you ate yourself, where would you go?"

Obviously we aren't the smartest people out there, as her answer went as follows:

"Your bladder?"

We spend the next half hour talking about what would happen.  "I have stomach in my stomach," Meredith quoted from Rocket Power.

"But really, Merdie," I said, "Where would you go?"  I read a book once where a very greedy python saw it's tail wiggle so it ate it, and kept eating until he disappeared.

Needless to say, we still haven't found the answer.