This starts out a little confusing…this is a conversation I had with Jason..i had asked him if he wanted to go to a movie but he wasn't online so I called him. Then he got online and saw my message and this is out conversation..he basically butchers all of my's interesting anyways.

AerosmithRkz: Um... sure

AerosmithRkz: Why not?

AerosmithRkz: WAIt

AerosmithRkz: Someone already called me and asked me to go

AerosmithRkz: So nm

AerosmithRkz: sorry

AerosmithRkz: I can't

NillaGrl 2K1: ic

NillaGrl 2K1: what movie are you going to see?

AerosmithRkz: I forgot

AerosmithRkz: What's it called again?

NillaGrl 2K1: stuck on you

AerosmithRkz: Stuck on You

NillaGrl 2K1: wow

AerosmithRkz: Yeah

AerosmithRkz: I'm going to go see that

NillaGrl 2K1: i just called another one of my friends to go

AerosmithRkz: Oh good

NillaGrl 2K1: and i like him better than you anyways

AerosmithRkz: I have to go pick up the person who called me

AerosmithRkz: Oh

AerosmithRkz: I see

NillaGrl 2K1: when do you have to go pick this person up?

AerosmithRkz: I don't nkow

AerosmithRkz: know

AerosmithRkz: Tomorrow

AerosmithRkz: Then we'll travel back in time

NillaGrl 2K1: ic that must be so fun!!

NillaGrl 2K1: do you time travel often?

AerosmithRkz: Yeah

AerosmithRkz: It gave me cancer once

AerosmithRkz: So I went into the far future where they had the cure for cancer

NillaGrl 2K1: but then you wet back in time and fixed it?

NillaGrl 2K1: oh ic

AerosmithRkz: I also found out my friends boyfriend goes to war against he alien robots from the planet of Shinxglaburg and he dies in action

NillaGrl 2K1: oh really?

NillaGrl 2K1: is it due to smoking pot?!

AerosmithRkz: I think... he stopped in the middle of the battle field to smoke a joint or something like that

AerosmithRkz: His name was Marc...... us

NillaGrl 2K1: aah yes

AerosmithRkz: And there's this other dude named Marc who invented a way to smack someone through a phone and online... he also created the cheese powered nuklear bomb

AerosmithRkz: And he fell in love with France

NillaGrl 2K1: lol

AerosmithRkz: And then was killed by his French hairy wife

AerosmithRkz: Because he wouldn't shut up

NillaGrl 2K1: what else is to come in the far future?

AerosmithRkz: Um... oh yeah

AerosmithRkz: I become a dictator over Rhode Island... nobody minds cause Rhode Island doesn't do anything

AerosmithRkz: I also become the richest person for five weeks after winning the lottery and I spent it all on buying Jupiter

AerosmithRkz: Then I move to Jupiter and turn it into Middle Earth

NillaGrl 2K1: and what is to become of your friend after her husband dies

AerosmithRkz: Oh yeah

AerosmithRkz: She gets the money... forgot what it's called... from the army cause the death of her husband... and she becomes rich and marries some guy named Chase

AerosmithRkz: Who she later on kills

AerosmithRkz: And then becomes known as the Black Widow

AerosmithRkz: Cause she goes through 37 other husbands after that

NillaGrl 2K1: does she have any children?

AerosmithRkz: Until she moves to France and adapts to their ways... where she then marries some guy named Marc... then she gets sick of him and kills him...

AerosmithRkz: She had one child

AerosmithRkz: Only one

AerosmithRkz: Who was named Fernando

AerosmithRkz: But she misplaced him

AerosmithRkz: And can't find him

NillaGrl 2K1: lol

NillaGrl 2K1: is it marcus's child?

AerosmithRkz: No

NillaGrl 2K1: or chase's?

AerosmithRkz: He couldn't produce children for his testicles shrivled up and fell off because of all the pot smoking

AerosmithRkz: It was one of the 37 other husbands

NillaGrl 2K1: ah yes

NillaGrl 2K1: did he never realize the dangers of pot before it was too late?

AerosmithRkz: Nope

AerosmithRkz: He said all that stuff were Myths

NillaGrl 2K1: were your friend and marcus a happy couple before he was killed in action?

AerosmithRkz: Somewhat... they sure did argue a lot... he always went out and got high and drunk

NillaGrl 2K1: and what did she do?

AerosmithRkz: She didn't agree with it

AerosmithRkz: She scolded him and told him to stop...

AerosmithRkz: But he wouldn'ts

AerosmithRkz: So she took a frying pan to his head... which left him in a coma for seven years

NillaGrl 2K1: lol

AerosmithRkz: He finally awoke from his coma and the week later he was recruited in the alien robot war

NillaGrl 2K1: so where was chase durring all of this?

AerosmithRkz: Over there

AerosmithRkz: Under that bridge

NillaGrl 2K1: oh

NillaGrl 2K1: ok

AerosmithRkz: He lived in a box

AerosmithRkz: He sold people Jedi Powers for five dollars

AerosmithRkz: THAT DIDN'T WORK!!!:o

NillaGrl 2K1: then what happened to him?

AerosmithRkz: This friend of mine went for a walk, after finding out Marc... us was dead, under the bridge where she then saw Chase and fell madly in love with him

AerosmithRkz: Then she married him

AerosmithRkz: And went crazy from these cisths on her wrists... hey... that almost ryhmes... and she ended up killing him off

NillaGrl 2K1: are there any trees in the future?

AerosmithRkz: Yes

AerosmithRkz: Trees come to life and start fighting off the god damn tree cutting down bastard

AerosmithRkz: s

AerosmithRkz: They're almost like Ents

NillaGrl 2K1: ic

NillaGrl 2K1: so what eventually happens to your friend's child?

AerosmithRkz: No one knows

AerosmithRkz: She never found him

NillaGrl 2K1: did her annoying cat ever die?

NillaGrl 2K1: did marcus kill it?

AerosmithRkz: No... he tried... but the cat kicked his weak ass

AerosmithRkz: Cause we all know pot smoking weakens the body

NillaGrl 2K1: what did finally happen to the cat?

AerosmithRkz: It ran away and lived with the dictator of Rhode Island

NillaGrl 2K1: and what finally happened to your friend/

AerosmithRkz: She ran into some forest in Africa to become a hermit

AerosmithRkz: what time does the movie start?

NillaGrl 2K1: 450

AerosmithRkz: k

AerosmithRkz: So I need to come and get your around 4 I guess

NillaGrl 2K1: yea

NillaGrl 2K1: so about the alien invasion

NillaGrl 2K1: who won? them or earth

AerosmithRkz: Earth

AerosmithRkz: They gave up and retreated... screaming... RUN AWAY

NillaGrl 2K1: who all died that your friend knows?

AerosmithRkz: Marc... us... Chase... Marc... and the 37 other husbands

NillaGrl 2K1: what about travis?

AerosmithRkz: He goes off to live in Australia... where he falls in love with some guy and they get married and live happily ever after

NillaGrl 2K1: and what about pj?

AerosmithRkz: Oh... he went in the world records for tiniest male genitals and for the most ignorant thing ever said the A, B, C thing

AerosmithRkz: Then he gets killed by some laser that came from Jupiter

AerosmithRkz: Nobody complains

NillaGrl 2K1: what about his girlfriend katy/

AerosmithRkz: The laser got her too cause they were standing side by side

NillaGrl 2K1: and what about elliott?

AerosmithRkz: Dies in a DUI

NillaGrl 2K1: and austin?

AerosmithRkz: Goes to Asia and beomes a monk

AerosmithRkz: Where he is known as the second Ghandi

NillaGrl 2K1: and what about roy? roy is a good guy nothing bad could have happened to him could it?

AerosmithRkz: Roy invested in the stock market and came to own every share of Toys R Us where he then owned it and changed the name to Roy's Toys

NillaGrl 2K1: what about john lowry?

AerosmithRkz: Dies from a heart attack

NillaGrl 2K1: and tara jo

AerosmithRkz: Beomes a prostitute who sells her body for two bucks... seh later dies slowly from AIDS

NillaGrl 2K1: is she happy until then?

AerosmithRkz: No

AerosmithRkz: She's miserable

NillaGrl 2K1: why

AerosmithRkz: She never got that puppy she wanted

NillaGrl 2K1: ooh

NillaGrl 2K1: so what happens to the three joshes? josh neu, josh something else and josh kirk?

AerosmithRkz: They fight over the dominate Josh and Jjosh something else wins

NillaGrl 2K1: does he kill the other two?

AerosmithRkz: Yes... he uses a broom and a bar of soap

NillaGrl 2K1: and what about sarah holt?

AerosmithRkz: She goes into acting where she becomes a famouse movie star

AerosmithRkz: She wins three Oscars

NillaGrl 2K1: and what about sarah hitzfeld?

AerosmithRkz: She changes her name to Sarah Holt and tries to pass off as her... but it doesn't work and she's thrown in jail for attempted murder and stalking

NillaGrl 2K1: lol

AerosmithRkz: You gonna tell them all this... so they know what their future is like?

NillaGrl 2K1: yep

AerosmithRkz: oh

AerosmithRkz: How so?

AerosmithRkz: Will you remember this all?

AerosmithRkz: Well now I must go back in time for I have told you too much... you shall now forget all this

NillaGrl 2K1: wait

NillaGrl 2K1: one more question

AerosmithRkz: *pauses time*

AerosmithRkz: yes

NillaGrl 2K1: so where am i in all of this/

AerosmithRkz: In the forest in Africa... remember... you become a hermit

NillaGrl 2K1: no that was your friend

NillaGrl 2K1: where am i?

AerosmithRkz: Where are you... who are you?

NillaGrl 2K1: i am ralph

AerosmithRkz: Oh

AerosmithRkz: You move to Jupiter... which is now called Middle Earth

AerosmithRkz: Where you help me destroy the ring of power

AerosmithRkz: The ONE RING

AerosmithRkz: Is that all?

NillaGrl 2K1: do we succeed?

AerosmithRkz: HELL YEAH

NillaGrl 2K1: OK!!

AerosmithRkz: *goes back in time*

AerosmithRkz: Hello

NillaGrl 2K1: so what time are you picking me up?

AerosmithRkz: about four

NillaGrl 2K1: ok cool