No, unfortunatly this isn't an update. I wish it was, because I feel really bad that nothing has been up yet. Unfortunaly, all the matter in the universe is working against me now. First of all, I have writer's block. Really bad. Second, I have soccer four days a week now. Third, school. For some reason this year, the teachers decided to give more finals then they usally do. From now until May 30th, there isn't a day where I don't have fianls to work on. Not all of them are tests, which I would much rather have.

Once again, I'm really sorry I haven't put anything up yet. My brain has just left me, as it usually does at the ned of the year. I will try to find it soon, so that when I do have time to write, I will be able to actully write something.

If you have any ideas, any at all, they would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading my story, and sorry again.