Authors note: - This is my next piece of work done in first person perspective featuring one of my characters. The character this time is Seth, the punk were-rat with issues. And full-time man-ho.

Update- I reread this sucker and found a few mistakes that drove me nuts so I went back and fixed it.

Blind Date

           "There's no such thing as a good man." I grumbled and laid my head on the bar. My friend lightly patted my shoulder.

"Oh come on, don't be so dramatic." She said with a comforting smile.

"I notice you didn't argue with me." I shot her a withering glare.

"Well there are a few nice catches left…"

"Prove it." I said sitting up.

She got a deeply thinking look a tapped her forefinger on her chin, she always did that when she was thinking. "I know this great guy. His name is Seth."

"So what's wrong with him?" I chuckled.

"Nothing! He's smart, handsome, and strong, in good shape and is a perfect gentleman." She nodded sagely.

"Please tell me he has some sense of humor. Not like that stick in the mud John I dated for a year." I shuddered just thinking about it.

"Don't worry he does." She smiled and laid her hand on my arm. "So… How about it? I set you two up on a nice date?"

I thought about it for a few moments and came to the conclusion I had nothing to loose. "Sure. Why not. If anything I'll have a great horror story to tell."

She glared at me. "Be more positive will you."

"Fine, fine, fine Jewel… I'll go out with him."

Jewel smile happily. "I'll go give him a call right now!" She hopped off the bar stool and all but skipped to the telephone.

The bartender slide over to me and leaned against the bar. "She's in a good mood."

"If she were anymore sickeningly optimistic I'd have to vomit." I smiled at him wryly. "Get me another margarita."

He nodded and took my glass walking to the other end of the bar where the mixer was located. I watched him throw my drink together and sighed. The room was full of singles looking for a partner. Most of them were losers and plenty of the women where just sluts. Me and Jewel had been coming to this dive since we turned twenty one. Back then it was a much nicer bar, but somewhere along the line it had changed ownership and the new guy wanted it to be a 'hip' place. Unfortunately that meant a lot of bad music and a brain numbingly bright new décor.

The tender set down my margarita before me. "No salt, just like you like it." He smiled at me; it was a pleasant smile, warm and friendly. Too bad he was old enough to be my dad otherwise he'd be a good catch.

"Thanks Sam, you've always been the best booze slinger in this shit hole." I winked at him playfully and set a ten on the cheery wood bar.

"Are you flirting with me Gin?" He said with an even bigger smile.

"Always Sam, you know I want your hot, hot bod." I sat up and sipped at my drink. He was the only one I'd let me call Gin, to everyone else I'm Ginger. I didn't exactly want everyone to call me by a liquor based nickname. I wasn't that much of a boozer.

Jewel popped back up beside me like a cheerful jack-in-the-box and said happily. "He said yes and he'll pick you up at seven on Friday."

"Oh joyous day. I have a date." I said with my customary amount of glee.

She rolled her eyes. "Try to be a little bit more positive about this. He just might be the one!"

"I am being positive. If I were to be negative I wouldn't have agreed to this crazy idea in the first place." I countered.

Jewel groaned. "Keep acting like that and no guy will want you!"

"Jewel, I haven't had sex in two years. I'm pretty sure no guy wants me." I retreated back to my margarita and attempted to ignore her puppy dog look.

"I'm sure you two will hit it off. He's a great guy." She assured me passionately.

"Ok sure fine, but I'm sure this will end up bad anyway." I grumbled into my glass.

*                      *                      *