By:Andrew Troy Keller

I could tell you one thing about being a homicide detective for the City of Cleveland Police Department.
No matter how many times you get a call and you figure that you could handle it,there would be times in which you'll never know what to expect.
Case in point:I had received a call about some blood-chilling screams coming from the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Carpenter--one of the richest couples in town.
Only how they had came into the millions was that they had done so by way of making some deals with a lot of shady characters.
And in my personal opinion,either one of them could've done them in.
However,that was not the case,for as soon as I had arrived at the Carpenter house,there were a set of bloody footprints--those of a wolf-like creature--that were leading away from the smashed front door.
"POLICE!",I had screamed after pulling out my gun and starting to walk slowly towards the door."ANYBODY HOME?!"
After I had received no answer,I had entered the house and walked into the living room.
As soon as I had entered the room,I was suddenly shocked by the sight that had befallen me.
She looked like Hell and he looked like Death,which was quite an improvement for the both of them.
Their bodies were slashed to bits by someone who would've felt at home in a war-zone somewhere.
Only that was the half of it,for after I had puked out my breakfast into a small waste basket,I've heard some growling behind me.
After I had heard the growl,I had turned around and aimed my gun at the perp who had done the whack job on the Carpenters.
Only to discover--much to my shock and horror--that the perp was...!
Well,I know that what I'm about to say sounds more like something that should really be on an episode of Rod Serling's Night Gallery.
But,you've really got to believe me when I tell you that I had aimed my gun at a werewolf.
And just as I was about to open fire at the thing,it had done something that I would still consider to be strange--even for Mr. Serling,himself.
It had smiled and said,"You should look at it this way,Five-0.The lesser evil had won."
And then,after it had turned around and took at least three steps towards the door,the creature had turned towards me and said,"See you around."
And after it had left the house,all I had done was stand there and look scared as hell.
A week later,I had found an envelope on my desk.
Inside it was a video-tape,which had the last few moments of the victims on it.
They were sitting in the living room,sipping champaign and laughing their heads off,because they had swindled some poor schmuck in Canada out of two million dollars in unmarked bills.
Then suddenly,a stranger had stepped out of the shadows.
The Carpenters had discovered that it was the same schmuck that they had encountered in Canada.
Only they had discovered it too late,for before one of them had gotten up and demanded to know how he had gotten into the house,hair had started to grow all over his body,his fingernails had changed into claws and his teeth had transformed into fangs.
Suddenly,I had realized that the Canadian was really the werewolf that I had encountered a week ago.
After the transformation was complete,the beast was about to do the old chomp-and-slash number on them,until Mrs. Carpenter had looked at the security camera with the look of pure fright on her face.
"FOR GOD'S SAKE!SOMEONE,PLEASE HELP US!",screamed the scared Mrs. Carpenter,forcing the creature to turn around and notice the security camera that was behind him.
After he had smiled,the creature had smashed the camera.
That was the final image on the tape.
And then,I had suddenly remembered the words that the creature had said to me before he had left the crime-scene.
"See you around."
And I had just realized that according to those words,I'm about to be the creature's next target.
So,whoever reads this,listen to me.
If you value your life,please--for the sake of God--stay away from me or you'll be dead right to me.
This is Det. George Craven of the Cleveland PD signing off.