By:Andrew Troy Keller

As far as I could tell,the Atherton Mansion--which has been at the corner of Octavia and California streets in the exclusive Pacific Heights district of San Francisco since 1881--is believed to be haunted by the spirit of George de Goni,son of Dominga de Goni--and an aimless bumbler.

It is also believed that George's spirit apparently decided to avenge itself on his mother and his wife,Gertrude for having tormented him in life--and that the phenomenon had grown so troublesome that Dominga had sold the mansion and moved out.

What has remained unknown was whatever had happened to Gertrude.That was what a group of UCLA students had wanted to know.

The students were known as Brian Stockwell,a promissing scholarship student from Ohio,Victoria Wellington,a blue-blooded snob who had came from a very wealthy family,Bonnie Jo Deveraux,a girl who was as sweet as a bowl of fresh-cut peaches,Veronica 'Rocky' Crosetti,known to some of those who she had came into contact with as one hell of a bitch,and Martin Logan,a whiz with cameras and other surveillance equipment.

None of them had no idea that they were about to enter a realm that all of them might never return from ever again.

After Martin was finished with setting up the equipment and Brian had brought the last of his bags from out of his mini-van,the girls had gone upstairs to their rooms and started to unpack.

As soon as she had entered her room and looked around,a disgusted Victoria had dropped her luggage on the floor,raised her hands in the air and said,"Eeeewwww!Welcome to creepyville!"

As for Bonnie Jo,she had removed some clothing out of her bags and placed it very carefully into a chest of drawers,for she had great respect for historical places.

However,inside Rocky's room,she had plopped a large boom-box down on the bed,turned it on full blast and started to dance and lip-sync to the loud heavy-metal music that was blasting out of her radio.

It was so loud,that while Bonnie Jo was banging on the door and yelling,"ROCKY,WOULD YOU PLEASE TURN THAT MUSIC DOWN?!",a very upset Victoria had stomped downstairs to complain to Brian about the noise.

Of course,Victoria was not the only one who was being upset,for while Rocky was still dancing to the loud music,an invisible force had moved the boom-box off of the bed and on to a chair.

And then,after the bed was suddenly moved away from the wall,the unseen intruder had forced Rocky on to the bed,stripped all of her clothing off of her naked body and bound her wrists and ankles to the bed posts.

"HEY,WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?!",yelled a confused Rocky,whose answer had came soon enough,for after she was tied to the bed,a pillow has suddenly been placed on her face and began to smother her,before the same mysterious force had started to penetrate her virgina.

"ROCKY!",called Bonnie Jo,who was still trying to get Rocky to open the door."C'MON,ROCKY!OPEN THE DOOR!I'M NOT KIDDING!"

However,Rocky was unable to open the door,because she was being raped by what some experts might classify as a poltergeist--and a very deadly one at that.

Meanwhile,after Victoria had brought Brian to Rocky's door,he had banged on it and yelled,"ROCKY,I'M GOING TO GIVE YOU TO THE COUNT OF ONE TO TURN OFF THAT CRAP AND OPEN THE GOD DAMN DOOR!!"

After that was said,the music had suddenly stopped coming out of the boom-box--a sure enough indication that the boom-box has been switched off.

"That's halfway better!",said an almost-satisfied Brian."Now,how about the door?"The only answer to that question was silence.

"C'mon,Rocky!I'm not kidding here!Open the door!",demanded an angry Brian.Once again,there was no answer.

Then,after he had gotten the master-key out of his pocket and used it to open the door,a concerned Brian had stepped into the room and was shocked to had discovered Rocky's badly-bruised and lifeless body on the bed with the pillow still over her face.

"Oh,God!Jeezus Christ!",said a scared Victoria."That's it!Someone call me a cab,because I want to go home right now!"

"No way,Vicki!",said Brian,after he had placed a blanket over Rocky's bruised and bloodied corpse."That creepy ghoul is not going to scare us out of here so soon!Besides,we've came here to find out whatever had happened to Gertie and that's what we're going to do!"

A couple of minutes later,Brian and the others had back downstairs and checked the equipment to make sure it was working properly.

But then,while Martin was checking one of those special types of lamps that were being used for photographing certain types of objects--such as ghosts,a light bulb had suddenly burned out on him.

"Ah,shit!I'm sorry,guys.But,I have to go out to the car and get another bulb.",said Martin,after putting his coat back on."Just don't do anything until I get back.Okay?"

And with that,Martin had walked out of the mansion and towards Brian's mini-van,in order to get another light bulb for the lamp.

But before he was able to take another step closer towards it,the mini-van had suddenly started by itself.

And before he was about to call to the others,the mini-van had started to move by itself towards a frightened Martin,who had decided right there and then to get his ass out of there.

But just as he was about to make it out to the street,Martin had slipped on a wet-spot,causing him to fall flat on his face.

And just before he was able to get back up,the mini-van had came closer and closer,until it had ran over him and crushed poor Martin to death.

Meanwhile,back inside the mansion,Brian and the girls were looking at the grandfathers clock and began to wonder what was taking Martin so long.

"That's it.I'm going out to look for him.",said Brian,before putting his jacket on."Why don't you guys go ahead,go upstairs and get some sleep.We'll start tomorrow."

After he had gone outside to look for Martin,the girls had gone upstairs to their rooms.

As soon as she was inside her room and after she had taken a nightgown out of a closet,a frightened Victoria had stopped,took a deep breath and said,"I just don't believe that I'm going to spend the night in this God forsaken place."

Meanwhile,inside the room next door,Bonnie Jo had placed her nude body inside a filled bathtub and started to enjoy her luxurious bubble-bath.

But then,an unseen hand has been placed on to Bonnie Jo's bare shoulder and a small hot wind has been blown on to her neck.

"George,is that you?",asked Bonnie Jo,while looking around the room.Her answer had came soon enough,for she had suddenly began to feel something caressing both her breasts and virgina.

"No.Please,George.You must not do that.Aaaahhhh.",said Bonnie Jo,after she had grabbed hold of a towel that was hanging on a towel bar.

Meanwhile,outside the mansion,Brian was confused by the sight of the mini-van being parked at a different place.

But,that was before he had looked down and discovered Martin's crushed corpse on the ground.

And after he had rolled Martin's lifeless body over and gotten a better look at him,the look on Brian's face had changed to that of instant shock.

"Oh,Jeez-to-God!Oh,shit!",said Brian,after he had realized what had happened to Martin."You son-of-a-bitch!If you were alive,I would be able to shoot you dead!"

Sometime later,inside her bathroom,Bonnie Jo had started to enjoy the sexual penetration that she was experiencing at the hands of George de Goni's spirit.

"Oh,yes!That's it!Right there!",said Bonnie Jo,before wetting her lips and placing her head on the bathtub rim."Oooohhhh!I've never ...experi...enced ...any...thing like ...this ...before!Such pleasure!"

However,poor Bonnie Jo was too busy enjoying her supernatural sexual experience that she had failed to notice the hair dryer being lifted out of one of her suitcases,plugged into a socket and hovering over both Bonnie Jo and the tub full of water.

"Oh,yes!Go ahead,George!Fuck me!Aaaahhhh!You make me so hot!",said Bonnie Jo,before she was able to slightly open her eyes.

But after she had done so,she was suddenly shocked to had discovered her hair dryer--going full blast--hovering over her.

"NO!GEORGE,WAIT!PLEASE!",screamed a frightened Bonnie Jo,while trying to get her soaked ass out of the tub.

But she was unable to do so,because George's spirit had forcebly kept her inside the tub.

And after the hair dryer has been slammed into the water-filled tub,a wave of electricity had surged its way throughout the inside of the tub and killed poor Bonnie Jo instantly.

Of course,that particular action had almost made the lights go out.An action that Brian had noticed after he had walked back into the mansion.

"What the fucking hell...?",asked a confused Brian,before realizing what had possibly happened to Gertrude de Goni.

Sometime back in the late 1880s,after Dominga had moved out of the mansion,George's spirit had possibly made one last visit to Gertrude and made love to her,before killing her.

And then,after he had realized that one of the girls might become the next victim,Brian had said,"Ah,shit.",ran upstairs and banged on Victoria's door.

After the door was opened,a frightened Victoria had put on her bathrobe and asked,"What is it?What's wrong?"

"So far,you're safe,which is good.",said a partly-relieved Brian."Now,let's go check on Bonnie Jo."

However,after they had banged on the door and called for Bonnie Jo,there was no answer.

After he had personaly theroized what had happened to her,Brian had moved Victoria to the other side of the hallway and said,"You better stay out of the way,Vicki.",before kicking the door down.

After that,Brian and Victoria had entered Bonnie Jo's room and gone into the bathroom,where they both had discovered--much to their horror--Bonnie Jo's charbroiled corpse in the bathtub full of broiling water.

"That's it!I've really had it!I really do want to go home!",cried a scared Victoria.

And after he had realized what might happen if the next batch of new owners were to be discovered by that supernatural lunitic,Brian had took a deep breath,placed both hands on Victoria and said,"Okay,Vicki.Okay.I'll take you out of here.But,I've got some heavy duty work to do first.So,all I want you to do is wait for me in the car.Okay?"

Victoria's only answer to that was "Yes."And after Victoria had ran out of the mansion and gotten into the mini-van,Brian had downstairs to the basement and found what he was looking for--a couple of drums full of keroseen.

And with a half-smile on his lips,Brian had emptied the first drum on to the basement floor.

And then,he had started to empty the second drum on his way back upstairs.After he had finished emptying the second drum,Brian had lit a match and waited for George's spirit to show up.

Lo and behold,George's spirit had indeed shown up and noticed that Brian was about to drop the lit match into spilled keroseen.

But before George was about to stop him,a devilishly smiling Brian had said,"Sorry,Georgie-boy!Time for you to go straight to God damn fucking Hell!",dropped the match on to the keroseen-soaked floor and ran like Hell.

After he had gotten out of the mansion and noticed a frightened Victoria waiting for him in the mini-van,Brian had opened the door,yelled,"STRAP YOURSELF IN NOW!",started the engine and drove the mini-van away from the mansion,just before the place had exploded into a million pieces.

Hopefully,that was the last of the spirit of the Atheron Mansion.As for its two survivors,they were able to graduate with high honors--and on Tuesday,October 8th,they were married.

A little lesson has been learned in all of this.If you ever have the nerve to go explore a haunted house,please do be careful,because you'll never can tell what type of skeletons you'll find in its many closets.

Just ask Brian Stockwell and his wife,Victoria Wellington-Stockwell.They ought to know,because they've been there.