A symbol is ,
Something you love ,
Something you believe in ,
Something powerful .

America is a symbol ,
A symbol of freedom ,
And a symbol of free will ,
In nature there is also freedoms .

Like the shamrock ,
Everyplace you go ,
Is surrounded by symbols ,
These words I write are symbols .

Of a word ,
These are the letters ,
All so bold ,
Like a windstar .

A diffrent sort of power ,
Not very mysterious ,
You can start a bigger war ,
With only a word .

Battle dashes ,
Along with war cries ,
Persecuted ,
For something you think is wonderful .

To be how you really are ,
To be free ,
To be human ,
To act your age .

You see the world has grown up today ,
Everyone has grown up to fast ,
With all the wars ,
And drugs today .

These are all symbols of America ,
And other parts of the world ,
This is not freedom ,
But persecution .

To be diffrent ,
And be hated ,
To be yourself ,
And still be hated .

You have to be popular ,
To be yourself now a days ,
Power is in friendship ,
But not now .

The kids have grown up ,
To fast ,
The freedom is now leaving us fast ,
It's up to you to save the freedom .