Tuesdays Gone

Tuesdays gone ,
Those happy days ,
Of fun ,
And happiness .

Peple didn't treat me like this ,
I never thought it would end like this ,
To see abuse everywhere I turn ,
At the school I see it .

A boy has his foot on anothers head ,
Telling him to kiss it ,
Because the kid on the floor ,
Is messed up in the head .

I thought I knew you all ,
But you've changed ,
Some of you are to good for me ,
And you ignore me .

And pretend I don't even exist ,
But I've made more friends ,
But nothing like tuesday ,
So many years ago .

It feels like it's been years ,
Instead of months ,
But times have passed fast ,
Like a tuesday .

Tuesdays gone ,
With it life ,
I've had to grow up ,
But I already had done that four years ago .

You see tuesdays gone ,
The best times of my life ,
Passed by like a summers storm ,
Like a flash of lightning .

I will remember you all ,
Even through you think I'm not good enough for you ,
I'll remember the times we spent together ,
I always will .

Because tuesdays gone ,
And it's never coming back ,
I don't know ,
If it's ever coming back .

Because this is not a home ,
It's not strange either ,
And it's not unordinary ,
It's just unnatural .

But I want ,
What I used to have ,
My old friends and school ,
Tuesdays gone .