The Freedom Of Your Ways

Why do I feel this way for you ,
I know you feel the same ,
But I've got no guts ,
At least not enough to tell you .

I feel the same vibes ,
The chills ,
The shivers ,
When I feel your eyes on me .

When I stand alone ,
And not strong ,
I feel your presence ,
Yet your not here .

Your eyes always stray ,
As do mine ,
To each other ,
Your not exactly handsome .

But I'm not exactly beautiful either ,
The way our minds are ,
I can see you thinking ,
And I feel your freedom .

This freedom ,
So everlasting ,
Yet it hasn't even begun ,
The strength of it is not yet gone .

Your mysterious ,
Esspically your eyes ,
They reveal so much ,
Yet so little .

I've never really heard your voice ,
Yet I have ,
It's deep ,
Yet sensetive .

But I don't know you ,
And you don't know me ,
We've always have seen each other in a dream ,
Now we come face to face .

I've always known you ,
In a strange sort of way ,
In my dreams ,
You whispered in my ear .

But now I see you ,
With my own eyes ,
You stand straight and strong ,
Handsome yet not .

This is your freedom ,
To be strong ,
And now I have it ,
The freedom of your ways .