Authors note: - I thought I might as well have a Halloween fic featuring a great deal of my characters. Not all of them are here but I'm sure you can forgive me. Then again most of you reading this don't know who half my characters are so I guess I shouldn't worry. :) Happy Samhain!

Halloween Party

            Music blasted from nearly every room on the sixth floor of the apartment building known morbidly as Casa De Las Muertes. People ambled about in various costumes, partaking of free drinks and snacks provided by various rooms. The bulk of the party was fittingly in room 666. Inside some danced to a throbbing techno beat while others hugged the walls and took up the various bits of furniture pushed away from the center of the room.

The crowd was very exclusive brought their by invitation only. Anyone without the coveted piece of paper was abruptly banished from the building by various bouncers. No one was with out at least a vague resemblance of a costume. Even the most stalwart party-poopers at least came with a single costume piece.

Among the reluctant party goes was a grumpy looking man dressed in black slacks with matching black silk shirt and tie. His 'costume' was a cheep Dracula cape. He didn't bother with fake fangs and blood and stood steadfastly in a corner watching the people bump and grind against each other on the dance floor.

One woman pushed out of the crowd wearing a perfect reproduction of Cat Woman's costume. She danced her way over to the grumpy vampire and leaned against the wall beside him.

"What's wrong Elwyn? Not enjoying your self?" She nearly yelled over the music.

"The only reason I'm here Nightshade is because I can't hide in my room from these people, and you'd nag me all night for not wearing something… 'Festive'." He curled his lip in contempt, flashing small fangs.

"Oh don't be such a fuddy-duddy." She kissed his cheek and bumped him with her hip. "Dance with me." Nightshade ordered playfully.

"No." Elwyn growled.

"Fine, at least dance with one of your daughters." She said with a mock stern frown.

"I will when there is real music playing. Not this repetitive noise that attempts to pass off as the real thing." He glared at the people dancing about madly.

"Ok ok, I'll have David put on something a little slower." She rolled her eyes and pushed back into the crowd, rubbing up against random party goers both male and female.

A young white haired woman dressed in real chain-mail with a sword hanging from her waist flopped down into the empty chair beside Elwyn. "I can't believe these drunken idiots have taken over my apartment." She hissed angrily.

"I feel your pain Bella." He said with a heavy sigh. "Every year the same thing, I swear its enough to almost drive me crazy."

"At least the Christmas party is a lot quieter and I can hide in my room." Bella pouted angrily.

A large dog trotted through the middle of the room, someone had put pink bunny ears on his head. He didn't seem to mind and happily enjoyed all the petting he received from the guests.

"Garm seems to be having fun." Bella said staring at the white dog with red ears.

"He loves people, how could he not enjoy this?" Elwyn said rolling his eyes and looking into the plastic cup in his hand. "I need a refill."

He pushed off the wall and ventured into the press of people reluctantly. Most parted as soon as he came close, the one's who didn't know him well enough he shoved rudely out of the way. Elwyn arrived in the kitchen in time to see his friend David make an ass of him self.

The young man was dressed in a fur loin cloth and nothing else, his skin was sadly pale and he had taken his hair out of its customary tall blue mo-hawk. It was now a natural corn-silk blond and hung loose around his broad but skinny shoulders. He leaned close to an attractive young woman dressed as a medieval maiden.

"Me Tarzan, you Jane." He grunted. "We go make hot monkey lovin's?"

The woman got a shocked expression and slapped him hard stomping off angrily. David rubbed his face and looked at Elwyn. "Was it something I said?"

"You'll never learn David." He said walking to a bucket full of ice and various sodas.

"Well I thought it was funny." David said with a disappointed sigh.

"Oh yeah, real funny." Elwyn chuckled softly. "Especially the part where you got hit. That was the best. Pure genius man."

"What ever…" He picked up a carrot from a plate of mixed veggies. "So what the hell are you supposed to be?"

"Dracula… Can't you tell?" Elwyn glanced at him mildly and opened a soda, pouring it into his ice filled cup.

"Not really… Where's the blood and fangs?" David smirked.

"I could always beat you bloody and use yours and I come equipped with fangs naturally." He gave David one of his best dangerous looks.

David flinched and stepped back. "I think I like the costume as is."

"Good." Elwyn walked back towards his corner where his daughter waited.

"Poor David, always being abused." A voice cooed from behind the lanky young man.

He turned around and smiled. "Morragon… You'll be my Jane wont you?"

She rolled her eyes and adjusted her feathered witch's hat. "Why don't you ask Kali? She did come as Lady Godiva."

"Really?" David asked eagerly.

"Yeah, all naked with just extensions to hide what the Goddess gave her." Morragon smirked and watched David bolt off into the party in search of his Jane. She opened the refrigerator and selected a bottle of root-beer. When she turned back around her sister Lilly was smiling at her warmly.

"Isn't it a little redundant for you to come as a Witch?" She asked taking the bottle of soda from Morragon's grip.

"I think it's a little more ironically funny." Morragon said getting another soda. "Sorta like if you had gone as cat woman instead of Mom."

"I couldn't fit into that thing. I'm too big, remember?" Lilly ran her hands over her ample curves and giggled. "Besides David would just bug me all night to whip him."

"You mean like he's been doing with Mom?" Morragon said and they both laughed.

"So what are you supposed to be?" She looked over Lilly with a puzzled expression.

"Can't you tell? I'm a Catholic school girl!" Lilly tugged at the edge of her pleated knee length skirt and posed with an overly innocent expression.

Morragon laughed so hard she doubled over grabbing her belly. "Oh man that's just wrong!"

"It would be worse if it was you in it!" Lilly countered with a giggle.

"True, but you know I never wear a skirt that comes above my boots." She spread out her black broom skirt and did a curtsy.

"Prude." Her sister said sticking out her tongue.

"Hardly." She said back with a laugh. "So, have you seen Don yet? I'm curious what he came as."

Lilly's face contorted and she nearly burst out laughing. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"What? Did he come as Christ or something?" Morragon asked with a raised eyebrow.

She moved closer to her black clad sister and leaned against her. "He came as a stereotypical vampire. Poet shirt and all!"

They both laughed again. "Holy shit! Your right I don't believe you! I so have to see this for my self! Where is he?" Morragon asked quickly leaning out of the kitchen to scan the room.

"I think he's in the hall…" Lilly commented. Morragon nodded and quickly made her way out of their apartment.

She poked her head out of the door and spotted him right away. He was the only one dressed in skin tight doe-skin pants, thigh high leather boots and a lacy poet's shirt. Morragon chuckled and crept up behind him, she lightly tapped him on his shoulder. Donovan turned around and looked down at her with a smile.

"Hello Morragon you little witch. Having fun?" He leaned over and kissed her cheek. She kissed his back and chuckled softly.

"Most defiantly now that I've seen you." She stepped back and looked him over. "Who the hell convinced you to wear this get up?"

"I have to admit my date begged me to do it." He motioned to a young petit woman beside him.

Morragon looked her over with curious eyes. The woman was dressed in Renaissance style complete with constricting bodice. Her chestnut brown hair piled up on the top of her head in masses of waves. She batted her soft brown eyes at Morragon with a mischievous smile.

She held out her hand and said. "I'm Hanna."

Morragon took her hand in a tight almost crushing hand shake and smirked. "Nice to meet you Hanna, I'm Morragon."

Hanna filched slightly and pulled her hand away rubbing it. Donovan frowned at Morragon. "Be more gentle, she's only human."

"Sorry." She said with a shrug. "I spend far too much time with shifters."

Donovan put a hand on his dates back and began to lead her away. "By the way Morragon, I love your costume."

She bowed mockingly. "I have to say the same for yours; I'm almost tempted to call you by some stereotypical vampire name."

He laughed and disappeared into another apartment. Morragon returned to the bulk of the party and looked around curiously. She spotted Kali and David dancing together in the center of the room while most eyes were glued to her friend's tanned and taut body. Morragon rolled her eyes and walked up behind a man she recognized.

"Hey Seth, enjoying the view there?" She asked while poking him in the back.

"Of course I am." He said turning around with a charming smile.

"You are such a slut." Morragon commented with a laugh.

"Guilty as charged." Seth reached out and took her hand. "Dance with me my lovely little pagan."

"How could I say no to such charming words?" She said stepping into him.

"No one could." He winked and pulled her onto the dance floor.

Seth's costume was very simple, some blue body paint and a kilt. Morragon didn't have to ask to know he wasn't wearing anything under it, she knew it was his style to almost never wear it anyway. They danced close together, both supple enough to pull off most dance moves with little effort. He kept his hands from roaming to less than gentlemanly places which made Morragon smile.

Elwyn watched the two dance with a scowl. "He better not try anything with her, or I'll break his legs."

Bella laughed harshly. "I'll hold him down for you."

"Sounds like good fun." He said with a dark smirk.

Nightshade walked out of the crowd again and handed a glass of soda to Bella. She raised an eyebrow to the two. "Are you two plotting bad things again?"

"No-o-o." They said with mock innocent looks. She rolled eyes and quickly walked off with out asking anything else.

One the other side of the room two real vampires watches the proceedings with haughty looks.

"She has no decency." One commented in a French accent, watching Kali rub up against a smiling David."

"Nicholas is the only man here with the guts to go nude… Pity he's a Naga." The other said in an Italian accent. Both their eyes moved to Nicholas, who was curled up in another corner with several patrons resting on his giant snake tail.

"Well, he does have beautiful defined abs." The Frenchman commented wistfully.

"True…" The Italian said with a sigh.

Nicholas lay across his own tail, which began at his waist and took the place of his legs. It was not a costume, but one of his various forms. The lights in the room glinted off his scales that resembled polished gold. The party goers resting amid the pile of coils seemed perfectly comfortable and all wore contented smiles. Beside the snake man stood a full blown demon. With real wings, tail, claws and dragon like feet. He looked almost depressed as he watched people dance. His wings drooped downward in an attempt to keep from brushing against the ceiling that was low in comparison to his height.

"I thought you liked more muscular men Michelangelo?" The Frenchman asked of his companion.

He shrugged. "Yes I do. Which is why I am admiring our loin cloth wearing demon friend over there."

"A little too big for my tastes." The other vampire commented with a slight sneer.

"There is such a thing as too big Frederique?" Michelangelo said with a smirk and a laugh.

Frederique rolled his eyes. "You are such a pig Michael."

A pink haired women dressed as Alice from Alice in Wonderland who was resting on the Naga looked up at the big demon. "I thought it didn't count if you came as what you are?"

The demon glanced down at her. "I got lazy and Nicholas didn't care enough."

Nicholas lifted his head slightly. "I was wearing a toga earlier; does that count as a costume?"

The woman giggled. "Don't you wear a toga all the time?"

He shrugged slightly and his large friend laughed. "Oh yeah, its one of his favorite outfits, along with kilts."

"Well they are easy to change form in Nickodamous, you know that." Nicholas lay back down and closed his golden eyes.

Nickodamous leaned over and whispered loudly to the woman. "He just likes to be as naked as possible."

She giggled more and cuddled into a sleeping young man who was clutching a laptop to his chest. For nearly the first time that night a slow song started and Lilly darted across the room and grabbed her father's hand.

"Your promised to dance with one of us!" She said cheerfully.

Elwyn reluctantly allowed him self to be pulled onto the dance floor. "I almost regret it."

Lilly pouted at him. "Come on Dad, relax and have a good time!"

He grunted and danced with her. She smiled the whole time as if she was the happiest girl in the room. Her mother stood off to the side snapping pictures with a Polaroid camera. Bella hid her face behind a pillow to keep from getting caught in a picture.

The slow song ended as suddenly as it began, the party returned to its die hard dancing pace. Elwyn immediately returned to his spot and Lilly went back to dancing with random men. Morragon soon joined the small group of wallflowers and sad down beside her father. She took off her pointed hat and ran her fingers through her bronze and golden locks.

"Whew, I'm getting pretty tired." She leaned against Elwyn's leg and yawned.

He lightly and affectionately patted her on the head; she smiled softly at the touch. Lilly bounced over to the group and gave them each a hug in turn, Bella attempted to fight her off but failed. Elwyn chuckled softly and shook his head.

"I think someone spiked the punch, she's more bouncy than normal." The three laughed at Elwyn's snide comment.

"Actually I think your right." Morragon said with a thinking look. "When I took a sip it did have a funny after taste."

"Who could be the culprit?" Bella asked thoughtfully, scanning the room suspiciously.

"I'd say David but he doesn't like to drink…" Elwyn mused.

"Seth is the next suspect that comes to mind but he knows better than to pull such a trick." Morragon countered.

They stared at the gathering and focused as one on a smirking figure. "Nightshade." Elwyn muttered in a tired voice.

The two girls rolled their eyes. "Figures" Morragon said with a heavy sigh.

"I can't believe that woman gave life to me." Bella said with a sneer.

"I have an excuse, I'm adopted." Morragon commented to her sister.

Bella sighed and slumped in her chair. The dog Garm trotted over to her and gave her a big lick across the face and immediately returned to the party. She blinked a few times and said. "I feel vaguely violated."

Elwyn chuckled. "He just wanted to cheer you up."

"By slobbering on me? Oh yeah, I feel a lot better." She wiped her face off with a frown.

Morragon laughed and stood back up. "As fun as you two are I think I'll go back to the party." She waved to them and moved back into the throng.

"She's a lost cause." Elwyn said sadly.

"The heathens have turned her." Bella grumbled glowering at the people accusatorily.

The party slowly began to wind down as the night wore on. People gradually left in pairs smiling in a tired but happy manner. Once the people had left the few close friends and family began to clean up the mess.

Elwyn only stayed after getting scolded by his cat-suit wearing wife and receiving a pleading look from Lilly. Bella ignored everyone and locked her self in her room. Nicholas was fast asleep in his corner and had been for the last few hours of the party. His friend Nickodamous volunteered to clean out the hall way while he waited for him to wake up. Donovan had long since retreated to his room on the floor above with his coyly grinning date, everyone knew what they were going to do.

The French vampire and his Italian companion quickly vanished before anyone could snag them into a job. Kali had left David for Seth and the poor lanky were-rat was pouting on the couch until Elwyn kicked him out of the apartment ordering him to go home. Eventually furniture was put back in its place and the last few remaining went home for the night. Save for the Naga who still slept contently and his resolute friend. Nightshade offered the couch to Nickodamous for the night who reluctantly agreed only after making sure he had no choice in the matter.

Nightshade plated a quick kiss on her husband's cheek as he made his way to his own apartment down the hall. He didn't complain and just sleepily walked off his similarly tired dog. Lilly yawned and kicked off her mary-janes. She flopped down onto the demons belly and curled up with a loud purr of contentment. With a startled look he began to pet her and relax with a soft smile.

Morragon rolled her eyes at the pair and sat down on the Naga who stirred long enough to open one eyes and examine who was making a cushion out of him that time. She smiled at him and stretched out on his coils. He shifted under her and made a more comfortable bed for her to rest on.

Her mother walked over and knelt down before the two. She took hold of Morragon's feet and untied her boots. Nightshade then retrieved Lilly's shoes as well and placed them beside the door. She flicked off the over head light and moved into her room.

"Night every one, and Happy Halloween." She said to the assembled group. Only a few soft mutters replied to her comment, all were to quiet to understand. Nightshade smiled and retreated to her room with a big yawn.