~*A.N.*~ don't ask me what this means, i'm not exactly sure… i just wrote of the moment. but i do believe that a lot of it involves past and future lives, if you believe in that sort of thing…
by the way, if anyone has any websites or anything about astral projection, just email me… i'm doing a project, and i'm also just interested in general, cause i've always been interested in that sort of thing… ;)
thanks for reading!

Song of the Cycle

'Canst thou taketh
the bluebird of happiness,
and endow it to thy soul?'
fair maiden,
for because the bluebird
is thee,
I cannot take thou.'
-- --
Romances and fancies,
ribbons in the void,
develop hard worn
Your never
ending lies surround me,
I cannot
retain my composure.
'Where are you?
I have been waiting,
but you haven't come.'
he'll never
come to you, now.'
'And who
is this speaking in my head?'
Voices droning endlessly,
it hurts to live.
My heart is weak,
And none
can understand it, ever.
Yet you
will not leave my dreams.
'Please depart. You're
unwanted at this location.
If you fail to leave,
will have
to take extreme measures.
To leave
is in your best interests.'
I won't
repeat this cycle
any longer than
I have to.
is close at hand,
I will taste it,
I love you.
'Thy step is glittering
moonbeams, thy voice water.
Thou art a delicious
'I thank
thee for thy kindness.
Now, my beloved,
Place thy hands in mine,
as I place a rose in thine,
and love me,
as I do thou.'
'I will, my love…'
-- --
And we held hands for a while.