Fade to Black

Souless eyes,

Grey in the dark,

No person is left,

In that body so stark,

The skin has turned blue,

Her lips have drained white,

The blood lies around her,

It shines in the light,

The cuts on her wrist,

Shows bright against her skin,

And I want to throw up again and again,

The knife stained with blood,

Lies on the ground,

On the red blood stained carpet,

Where the body was found,

This poor lonely girl,

Who had family and friends,

But who didn't think they loved her,

So she cried there again,

Then she picked up the knife,

Her eyes sparkled with pain,

And she cut herself twice,

And she cried out again,

She fell to the floor.

Her mouth open in screams,

And her parents came home,

And that crushed all their dreams,

So try to listen to me,

That is if you can,

For this isn't a game,

She just needed a friend,

For this nightmarish scene,

It could become real,

If no one will listen,

To hear what I feel.....